Low level order picker
Cat LLOP truck
Low Level Order Picker

Hard-working order pickers designed to make your warehouse operation more efficient – and built to the highest specifications.

Cat® Lift Trucks offers you the best order pickers in the industry. Why? Because we’ve built a picker for every single warehouse application and because each one is designed with your operator’s comfort in mind.
The more storage you have per square metre, the higher your picking costs will be, so Cat Lift Trucks has developed a range of models and options to suit almost any of your low-level order picking tasks. Built around powerful, programmable AC motors, our hard-working order pickers will help you create an efficient and effective work environment. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design of their operator compartments will help to maximise your drivers’ productivity.

Through greater comfort and more ergonomic controls, our low-level order pickers will help to optimise picking time and allow better results to be achieved per shift. In addition to superior operator compartments, these trucks offer safety aids such as non-slip mats and grab handles to enhance security while working. They can also be programmed for travel speed and lifting/lowering. Where applicable, the order picker can be programmed to match operator ability, load type and working conditions. Together with rugged chassis designs and long service intervals, these features help to make our order pickers a safe choice for your warehousing activities whilst delivering low total cost of operation.

Our low-level order picker range

For the ultimate in energising performance, look at the new-generation Cat® NO-N2 range of low-level order pickers developed for use at the first and second picking levels. These technologically advanced trucks not only deliver the best energy efficiency in the market but boost driver performance by reducing fatigue and speeding up every aspect of order picking. Their many electronic-controller-based advances include unique intelligent curve control, a ‘flying start’ function and the latest in traction control.
There are models for every application, with a choice of 1.2, 2.0 and 2.5 tonne capacities. In addition to the base models, which are ideal for ground-level picking, there are versions with rising forks (F) and rising platform (P). Rising forks use a cantilevered fork system to raise loads to a convenient height (standard 0.85 metres, 1.2 metres optional). The rising platform lifts operators to a maximum of 1.0 metre, to pick at up to 2.5 metres.

The NO20N2X/N2XP range features 2375mm long forks on a scissor-lifting mechanism that can carry two Europallets or three rollcages at once. The range is complemented perfectly by a model with a rising operator platform (NO20N2XP) that lifts to 855mm for picking at heights of up to 2.5m with reduced stretching and straining for the operator.

Cat® Lift Trucks adds extra order picker choice at 2nd level to sharpen your operation’s performance.

Ideal for a wide variety of warehouse and terminal applications, the 2nd-level order pickers from Cat Lift Trucks increase your scope for improving efficiency and productivity. With a choice of configurations, including two different rising platform heights, as well as optional features and selectable performance modes, your order picker can be tailored precisely to your operation.

The benefits of a Cat 2nd-level order picker:

  • Optimum productivity through faster picking
  • Better control and comfort thanks to an advanced user-friendly interface and ergonomic cabin
  • Safer working conditions, with a range of automated and structural safety aids
  • Lower operating costs resulting from reduced maintenance and energy needs

A rising platform gives the operator quick and easy access to pick from shelves, while a LiftComfort can be specified to raise the picking container to a convenient height for transfer of picked goods. Operation is precise and comfortable, using a newly designed right-hand control unit and left-hand Midi steering wheel.

The cabin provides optimum space, easy walk-through access and a cushioned, non-slip map which also acts as a ‘deadman pedal’. Primary safety features ensure a clear view, an uncluttered platform and safe battery exchanges, while automated aids maintain safe turning speeds and encourage use of side gates. Robust construction and efficiency-orientated specifications minimise ongoing costs and ensure a long productive life.

The Cat 2nd-level order picker

Although there is just one 2nd-level model, the NOL10P, this order picker can be configured in so many ways that it’s a different truck for every owner and driver. Choices start with selection between the 1.2 metre or 1.8 metre rising platform. These will allow your picker to pick from heights up to 2.8 metres or 3.4 metres.

A LiftComfort is standard if you choose the 1.8 metre platform, or you can select it as an option on the 1.2 metre version. Those choosing a LiftComfort truck have the option of a comfort cushion whose position can be adjusted according to preference for leaning or sitting against whilst travelling.

SecurGate side gates are also standard on the 1.8 metre platform but optional on the other. When closed, at any height, they reduce the risk of falling. If they are still open at levels above 1.2 metres, their control system prevents the truck from operating.