These dependable ‘workhorses’ are kind to the environment and gentle on the operator – but tough in the face of wet, dusty and other adverse conditions. Compact and highly manoeuvrable, they are well suited to workplaces with restricted space and height such as containers, lorries and drive-in racking.

Typical applications:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale
  • Fishing Industry
  • Chemical, textile & rubber
  • General & refrigerated warehousing and storage
  • Machinery & heavy equipment
  • Electric equipment & components

Lower Cost

  • 5 preset performance settings allowing operator to match the truck to all situations.
  • Electric ‘Steer-by-wire’ system with force feedback requires no hydraulics (3 wheel models) and reduces energy consumption.
  • 1,000 hour service intervals and short maintenance routines reduce total cost of operation and give maximum 'up-time'.
  • ‘Maintenance-free’ brakes and LED lights.
  • Advanced AC technology provides fast lift and travel speeds for quicker work cycles.
  • MicroCommand® AC controller gives programmable performance and energy savings.
  • Profile tubed overhead guard allows simple application of panel cabins.
  • Accommodates both DIN and BS size batteries.
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  • ‘Maintenance-free’ wet disc brakes that allow the truck to be operated in contaminated areas/applications.
  • Very bright LED working lights give improved visibility in confined areas.
  • Easy access to all components, contributing to quicker maintenance.
  • Multi function display shows relevant information and error codes.
  • Diagnostics can be easily accessed via Laptop.
  • Heavy duty chassis and rigid masts.
  • Strong regenerative braking speeds up working cycles.
  • Large battery hood opening for wide, easy access.
  • Optional sideway battery exchange allows fast, safe switching in multiple shifts.
  • IPx4 protects components from water ingress coming from all angles allowing operation in outside applications and wet environments.
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  • PDS+ (Presence Detection System) prevents accidental operation when driver not seated. Now includes ‘ramp hold’ and electric automatic park brake.
  • A state-of-the-art adjustable armrest, with best-in-class ergonomics, combines anatomical support with free movement, perfect hand positioning and spring- force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls.
  • Back-up handle with horn button.
  • Intuitive Speed Control contributes to safer operation when cornering.
  • Automotive pedal layout for intuitive operation.
  • Fully adjustable suspension seat.
  • Small steering wheel, requiring less turning force, gives progressive ‘feel’ and reduces driver fatigue.
  • Operator is kept informed with key operational information at all times by the multi function display.
  • Low, deep, wide step for comfortable on/off access.
  • Large, uncluttered floorspace for optimum comfort and safe operation of pedals.
  • Modern, smooth exterior styling and comfortable operator compartments.
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  • Weight indicator.
  • Easy to use manual control hydraulic levers.
  • High visibility overhead guard.
  • Factory supplied panel cabin packages.
  • Quick sideways battery exchange.
  • Variety of fork lengths available.
  • Wide range of mast alternatives.
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