With their compact design, amazing manoeuvrability and intelligent control systems, these compact electric forklift trucks are the automatic choice when space is tight.

Ideal for efficient handling in containers, lorries, drive-in racking and other cramped, fast-paced environments, the behaviour of these compact electric forklifts rapidly adapts to changes in drivers’ wishes and needs. They are also built to stand up to harsh, wet, dirty or dusty conditions.

Typical applications:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale
  • Fishing Industry
  • Chemicals, textiles & rubber
  • General & refrigerated warehousing and storage
  • Machinery & heavy equipment
  • Electric equipment & components

Thanks to the latest electronic controllers and sensors, software and multiple algorithms, driving and load handling these compact electric forklifts is easier, steadier, safer and more comfortable than ever. Drivers feel the machine is totally in tune with them, so they are happy, confident and highly productive. Central to this driving experience is the Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS). Monitoring and instantly reacting to changes in the speed of pedal movement, RDS constantly adjusts performance parameters so all actions are smoothly controlled – including starts and stops.

Another system continuously modifies steering response of the compact electric forklift according to travel speed. When travelling fast, it avoids the need for constant correction by the driver. When manoeuvring slowly, turning becomes instant and effortless. Advanced curve control enables drivers to achieve the fastest safe cornering speed in any situation. It also resists truck tilting and counterbalance ‘snake-tailing’ after high-speed turns. Manoeuvrability is maximised by dual drive ‘4-wheel steering’. The truck can be driven sideways without having to push back first, thanks to a +100° rear turning axle. A 360° steering option allows trucks to turn and face the opposite direction (180°) without stopping.

A load-sensing hydraulic system automatically adjusts for weight to maintain precise control. When fingertip controls are used for two or more hydraulic functions simultaneously, electronic compensation keeps all mast movements consistent. The strong mast design of these compact electric forklifts and a low-friction side-shift combine with various control systems to reduce swaying, twisting and noise. An unusually wide scope for seat and steering column adjustment assures a perfect driving position for every user. Together with high-vision design, it gives clear forward, downward and side views without having to lean.

  • Efficient motors with high RPM range give better precision in acceleration control, create more torque at low speeds and reduce energy consumption.
  • Fully electronic magnetic brakes require less servicing and offer greater energy efficiency.
  • Robust construction and sealed components reduce maintenance needs.
  • Durable hose and hydraulic cylinder sealing specification withstands high temperature range, weathering and physical wear.
  • Fast battery compartment access speeds up servicing and exchanges.
  • Easy-to-read multi-function colour display encourages correct use and maintenance of truck.
  • Modular design simplifies addition or replacement of parts, including overhead guard and cabin options.

  • Responsive Drive System (RDS) adapts performance rapidly in reaction to speed of pedal operation, and ensures all movements, stops and starts are smooth.
  • Variable steering ratio and steering force are continuously optimised for different travel speeds.
  • Advanced curve control co-ordinates the two front-wheel drive motors and rear steer axle motor to optimise turning speed, stabilise fast sideways movements of the counterweight, and prevent tilting when straightening after high-speed turns.
  • Dual drive ‘4-wheel steering’ with a +100° rear turning axle provides smooth and agile manoeuvring, including instant side turns with no need to push back.
  • 360° steering option enables fluid turning without stopping to change direction.
  • Load-sensing hydraulic system automatically adjusts to the weight being handled, to maintain precise control.
  • Simultaneous hydraulic functions are electronically compensated (when using fingertip controls) to keep their behaviour consistent whatever the load weight.
  • Truck acceleration and hydraulic performance are automatically limited at lifts of 2 metres or more for steady, controlled handling.
  • Passive sway control keeps automatic parking brake open during lifts above 3 metres, so mast sway energy can be absorbed by chassis.
  • High-specification masts and low-friction side-shift minimise sway, twisting and noise.
  • Pre-set ECO and PRO modes can be selected for different drivers and tasks, or customised settings can be applied by service engineers.

  • Extended seat and steering column adjustability assures a comfortable driving position, and enables good vision with no need to lean forward.
  • Spacious operator compartment offers comfort and easy access features for drivers of all sizes.
  • Inclined and narrow dashboard, one-spoke steering wheel and optimised free lift cylinder structure maximise forward, downward and side visibility.
  • Spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls on adjustable armrest ensure ergonomically perfect hand positioning, anatomical support and free movement.
  • Pedal design, position and angles reduce fatigue for drivers of any height or foot size.
  • Steering knob automatically returns to convenient 8 o’clock position when truck drives straight, even if the wheel has been overturned.
  • Low-noise gearbox improves conditions for drivers and their colleagues.
  • Presence Detection System+ includes automatic parking brake, hill hold and – if operator is not seated – prevention of travel and hydraulic movement.

  • Automatic tilt centring
  • Accidental clamp release prevention
  • Armrest suspension (with higher-spec seat)
  • Easy-to-use manual hydraulic levers
  • Operator presence pedal
  • 360° steering
  • Rapid sideways battery exchange
  • Factory-supplied cabin packages
  • Extra storage space
  • Dual pedal system – forward and reverse
  • Cold store modification (to -35°C)
  • High-visibility overhead guard

EP16ACN 1600 500 Electric
EP18ACN 1800 500 Electric
EP16AN 1600 500 Electric
EP18AN 1800 500 Electric
EP20AN 2000 500 Electric

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