3 October 2023

Non-stop product development is reinforcing the position of Cat® Lift Trucks in the warehouse equipment segment. Over the last three years, new products, innovations, and upgrades have been introduced at unprecedented rates.

In renewing every Cat® warehouse range, the designers have paid particular attention to reducing energy consumption. They have also focused on optimising user experience in terms of ergonomics and productivity.

There are more than 100 Cat warehouse models. They range from power pallet trucks, with and without platforms, to stackers and reach trucks. The collection also includes order pickers, tow trucks and highly specialised man-up and man-down VNA trucks.

Cat NSR12-20N2(I) stand-in stackers typify the clever design that reduces TCO (total cost of operation). Compact, manoeuvrable, and fast, they move quickly through tight spaces. You can make your aisles narrower and – with lift heights up to 7 metres – build your racking higher. To store heavier loads at each level, optional foldable side stabilisers increase residual capacity. The result: far greater stock density.

Cat warehouse trucks cover customers’ needs across a broad spectrum of industries. They serve everyone from specialists in the cold storage and bottle-handling segments to businesses with straightforward but tough supermarket and warehouse applications. With 39 different stackers, 22 different reach trucks, and comprehensive order picker and power pallet line-ups, there’s a model for every situation.

Speaking from the Cat Lift Trucks office in Dubai, Herve Quatrhomme, Regional Director AME, highlights the important role of Cat dealers.

“My 11 years in this region’s markets have shown me that our partners deliver much more than just high-quality, high-performing products. They also offer valuable professional advice – to customers needing to change their fleets, and to those who simply need a suitable truck for their application.”

He adds:

“Meanwhile, we have noted a strengthening of health and safety regulations in the last couple of years. This has encouraged businesses to make more use of safe materials handling equipment.”

Visit www.catlifttruck.com/ame for more information.

NSR12-20N2(I) Cat Lift Trucks stand-in stacker
NSR12-20N2(I) stand-in stackers