Ideal where emissions are not permissible but high-powered performance is a must, the Cat EP25-35A(C)N range of electric counterbalance forklifts is designed to cope with rigorous tasks and tough conditions whilst being highly productive and a pleasure to drive.

As the video demonstrates, the Cat EP25-35A(C)N forklift truck range includes many innovative features and benefits designed to give drivers a more comfortable, intelligent, safer and pleasurable operating experience. As well as features you’d expect to see from a Cat forklift such as the ergonomically designed and high-comfort operator cabin, and a colour display that can be read easily from different angles, they also include the following:

  • PowerBurst feature automatically delivers extra torque to maintain ramp speed or provide strong acceleration, even when the forklift truck is carrying heavy loads.
  • Responsive Drive System (RDS) adapts performance rapidly in reaction to speed of pedal and hydraulic control operation and ensures smoothness for all movements, stops and starts.
  • OmniTurn all-wheel steering offers better grip, smoother turning and unbeatably agile manoeuvring, aided by a +100° rear turning axle which enables instant side turns with no initial backward movement.
  • Electric differential lock maximises grip on slippery surfaces by locking front wheels to increase traction.
  • Intelligent curve control maximises cornering safety by smoothly adjusting forklift truck speed and minimising side forces.
  • SmoothFlow hydraulic system automatically adjusts to load weight, ensuring fast but smooth and precise control of all mast and fork actions – whether individual or simultaneous.
  • Automatic hydraulic control tuning maintains steady mast and chassis movements when lifting above 2.5 metres*. (*Activation height depends on mast chosen.)
  • Passive sway control allows mast tilting forces to be absorbed by chassis during higher lifts. (Applies mainly above 3.0 metres.)
  • Li-ion option – with quick-connect access point – enhances performance and permits fast opportunity charging for continuous operation without battery changes.
  • Pre-set ECO and PRO modes can be selected for different drivers and tasks, while customised settings (including lifting and lowering) can be applied by service engineers.

Drivers, co-workers and neighbours will all appreciate the quiet drive units and other low-noise technologies specified which make these forklifts quiet to operate.

The TCO (total cost of operation) advantages of these efficient electric counterbalance forklifts include many features such as their robust construction, simple diagnostics, easy maintenance and high energy efficiency.

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