Why choose a Cat® reach truck?

The NR14-25N(H)2 range of reach trucks are designed to increase profitability by maximising performance, empowering operators and cutting cost. The NR-N2 range of reach trucks has a truck for every application.

Features and benefits of the NR14-25N(H)2 range of reach trucks:

Clear view
These high reach trucks are built for clear views of fork tips and support legs through the poweRamic triplex free-lift mast for precise, fast pallet handling.

Our reach trucks are also built for unlimited, 360 degree turning. Smooth, progressive steering reduces sensitivity as truck speed increases, improving stability when cornering.

These NR14-25N(H)2 range of reach trucks are built for easy on-off access to a wide, unobstructed and protective cabin with intermediate step and ergonomic grab handles.

High lifting

These high reach trucks are built for smooth reach movements ensuring rapid, accurate lifting, lowering, tilt and side shift functions. They’re built for high lifting with class-leading capacity retention at lift heights of up to 13 metres due to a stiffened chassis and strengthened mast.
They’re also built for quiet, jerk-free and highly stable performance through electronic damping with the latest mast and reach carriage technology.

Our models:

Our NR14-25N(H)2 range of reach trucks consists of 11 different models with capacities from 1.4 to 2.5 tonnes; including compact straddle and high-performance version which together with a variety of specialist options will match your application perfectly.

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