Designed to make light of heavy loads, our tow truck makes a strong addition to your warehouse equipment.

The Cat® NTR30N is the tow truck of choice for many indoor towing applications, particularly in the automotive industry. Designed to pull or tow heavy loads rather than lifting them, the Cat® tow truck has many applications in a wide variety of situations, both warehouse and industrial.

With advanced controls and a spacious compartment for ease of use, the operator of the NTR30N benefits from exceptional comfort and control even over longer work shifts. The tow truck’s compartment is spacious with smooth edges for easy walk through and quick, repetitive on/off access. Featuring an anti-slip floor mat, its full width ‘dead-man’ platform means that each operator can find their most comfortable driving position without having to keep a small pedal depressed. Additionally the easy to operate menu on the truck’s control panel keeps the operator aware of driving speed, battery discharge, errors and warnings, whilst the ‘F1’ style steering wheel clusters are within easy reach for control with either hand, making ‘driving backwards’ easier. For easy coupling and uncoupling of trailers, optional ‘drive-by-side’ controls allow 2-way movements, which is also a useful feature where the operator needs to walk between adjacent locations.

Your operators will find these tow trucks a pleasure to handle. The automatic drive wheel centring means that the truck will always start in a straight line and its acceleration is smooth and controllable. Moreover, its short turning radius, progressive steering and automatic speed reduction in curves, ensures maximum controllability and manoeuvrability at any speed.

The NTR30N tow truck is quick and easy to maintain with long service intervals and a service menu that features quick fault finding and fault code memory as well as easy to reach components behind the lift off front panel. Everything is designed to keep maintenance downtime to a necessary minimum, to keep the truck performing at its best. The trucks are also environmentally friendly, with low energy consumption and uses recyclable materials, making them a ‘green’ addition to your warehouse fleet.