NSR12-20N2(I) stand-in stackers – the smart alternative for stacking up to 7 metres, horizontal transport over long and short distances, and order picking.

Cat® stand-in stackers offer a different approach which will save in many ways on your total cost of operation (TCO) compared to platform pallet stacker trucks. First, they are more compact, so they manoeuvre and travel more quickly through narrow aisles and other tight spaces. There is no stopping to fold a ride-on platform up and down, or to fold down protective sidebars before lifting.

Next, these stand-in stackers make much more efficient use of your valuable warehouse space. Aisles can be made narrower, and with lift heights of up to 7 metres your racking can go higher. What’s more, you can stack heavier weights at each height – especially if you choose the foldable side stabiliser option for extra residual capacity. The result is a far greater stock density than before.

A compact footprint is not the only thing that makes these stand-in stacker trucks faster than other electric pallet stackers. Their advanced drive, lifting, lowering, steering and stability systems make every task quicker and smoother. Operators have a better all-round view and feel confident about travelling, manoeuvring and handling more quickly, thanks to their enclosed and protected operator space and the truck’s automated speed and stability aids. Productivity is boosted.

Operator performance is also enhanced by comfortable and ergonomic design which gives better job satisfaction. Positionally adjustable controls minimise stress, strain and fatigue, while maximising precision and speeding up each process. There is a fully adjustable steering wheel allowing different driving positions depending on travel direction. The armrest, which is adjustable in height, includes a hand grip for relaxed driving, and controls for simultaneous drive and hydraulic functions. Further enhancing comfort and safety, the optical presence sensor allows fully flexible foot and work positioning for relaxed operation. A strong overhead guard with excellent visibility, especially when fitted with the optional transparent roof, protects operators from falling goods. The high-comfort operator compartment is vibration-free, quiet and very easy to enter and exit.

With all these advantages, your operators will be able to do their work in less time – so you will need less labour and fewer trucks to meet your targets. You can also use the multiple-role versatility of these stand-in stackers to reduce your fleet needs. For example, they offer similar lifting capabilities to many reach trucks but at a lower cost and in tighter spaces. They can also do the job of an order picker.

There are many reasons why the stand-in stackers approach makes sense, but to gain maximum benefit from it you should choose trucks developed by the world-leading designers in this specialised field.

For that, look no further than the Cat NSR12-20N2(I) stand-in stacker truck range.

  • Robust construction and component sealing minimises damage and wear, even in demanding multi-shift operations.
  • Multifunctional display option with onboard diagnostics encourages correct use of truck and speeds up maintenance.
  • PIN code identification prevents unauthorised use, while choice of PRO, ECO and EASY modes matches truck performance to operator experience and application. (Only with multifunctional display option.)
  • Easy, fail-safe battery lock avoids delays and accidents at exchanges.
  • Fast maintenance access combines with low servicing requirements and long service intervals to reduce downtime.
  • Availability of fully integrated Li-ion battery increases battery efficiency, runtime and lifespan, while minimising maintenance needs, for even lower total cost of operation (TCO).

  • Advanced AC motor and control technology enables fast, smooth and precise driving, lifting and lowering.
  • Integrated functionality saves time by allowing simultaneous control of drive speed, mast/fork movements and side stabiliser deployment.
  • Side stabilisers (optional) increase residual capacity for high lifting.
  • Progressive electric power steering automatically adjusts sensitivity according to speed, for high precision in tight manoeuvres and high stability when travelling fast and straight.
  • Automatic cornering control reduces maximum travel speed according to steering angle, to ensure quick but safe, stable and confident turns.
  • Creep speed feature increases load capacity for lifts above 1.7 m by automatically limiting travel to 5 km/h when forks reach that height.
  • Tapered forks and angled fork tips permit faster pallet entry with less risk of damage.
  • With Li-ion battery, performance is enhanced and fast opportunity charging is possible, via easily accessible connector, for continuous operation without battery changes.
  • High ground clearance avoids sticking on ramps and uneven floors.
  • Initial lift (I) models give additional ground clearance and may be used for double pallet handling – with one load on the support legs and one
  • on the forks. (Models NSR12N2I, NSR16N2I and NSR20N2I.)
  • Level assistance system option provides a quick and simple way for operators to choose between stopping at each pre-set height or bypassing it.
  • Laser fork height indicator option aids accuracy in placing forks at correct level.
  • Ergo forks trailing control option allows speed adjustment from a more convenient position - as well as clearer vision - for operators standing in the direction of travel with forks trailing.
  • 360-degree steering option enables fluid turning without stopping to change direction.

  • Enclosed operator position ensures all-round protection by heavy-duty chassis, integrated bumper, overhead guard pillars and roof.
  • Comfortable operator compartment minimises strain and tiredness with low step-in height, fully floating floor, outstanding levels of vibration damping, cushioned backrest, and plenty of space.
  • Optical presence sensor reduces stress and fatigue by allowing operator to make small foot movements without accidentally activating automatic braking.
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel allows different driving positions depending on travel direction.
  • Adjustable armrest comfortably supports wrist while positioning hand ideally to operate the thumbwheel throttle, fingertip hydraulic levers and other controls simultaneously.
  • Clear all-round and fork-tip view is achieved through careful design of mast, fork carriage, overhead guard, pillars and chassis, and by low- reflection surfaces.
  • Low-noise specification includes quiet, temperature-controlled fans and speed-regulated lift pump motors, for a pleasant operator environment.
  • Working aids include large tool storage compartment – under armrest and accessible from outside truck – plus holders for smaller equipment, phone and drinks, and a writing desk with paper clamp.
  • Intuitive multifunctional display option keeps drivers fully informed and is optimally positioned and angled for clear viewing.

Please refer to the spec sheet for available options.

NSR12N2 1250 600 Electric
NSR16N2 1600 600 Electric
NSR20N2 2000 600 Electric
NSR12N2I 1250 600 Electric
NSR16N2I 1600 600 Electric
NSR20N2I 2000 600 Electric

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