Heavy duty forklifts built with strength and clean efficiency at the forefront

When an outdoor forklift truck combines high power and extreme durability with low operating costs, you can depend on it to increase your profitability – no matter how tough the workload or harsh the conditions. At the same time, if productivity is to be taken to its very maximum, the all-important partnership between a heavy duty forklift truck and its driver must be optimised through controlled performance, ergonomics and comfort.

The latest range of 7.0 tonne and 10.0 to 16.0 tonne diesel counterbalance models from Cat Lift Trucks combines all of these qualities and more.

Lower Cost

  • Advanced 4-cylinder twin turbo diesel engine delivers powerful performance with 13% greater fuel efficiency than previous units and meets EURO Stage IIIB emissions standard.
  • Low-maintenance Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology with Passive Regeneration (PR) avoids the need for downtime by burning off soot while truck is operating.
  • Engine Protection System (EPS) monitors oil pressure, coolant temperature and transmission temperature, giving warnings and limiting power output, travel speed and hydraulic speed if abnormalities are detected.
  • Robust steel frame designed using Finite Element Analysis gives durable structure with low centre of gravity, resulting in higher residual capacity.
  • Fully floating drive axle adds extra durability and capacity compared to semi- or non-floating alternatives.
  • Steer axle construction as a single solid unit maximises strength and rigidity.
  • Dependable engine and strong resistance of all truck components to damage and wear helps minimise repair and service bills.
  • Easy and quick access to all areas for routine checks and maintenance keeps truck in sound working condition, saves time and reduces expense.
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  • Latest diesel engine design increases power to new levels.
  • Powershift transmission controlled by the truck’s Vehicle Control Module (VCM) offers three forward and three reverse gears to tackle heavy-duty applications effectively.
  • Fast-response twin turbochargers further enhance driver experience and output.
  • Design of frame and counterweight optimises weight positioning and residual capacity for strong lifting.
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  • Noise and vibration limitation features include rubber-mounted key components, fully insulated steel engine hood and helical transmission gears.
  • Electronic direction control permits easy and smooth shifting between forward and reverse travel, without removing hands from steering wheel, at any speed up to 4.0 km/h.
  • Fully hydrostatic assisted steering via small-diameter steering wheel ensures accurate and rapid response with little effort.
  • Counterweight design allows small turning circle and clear view to the rear for precise manoeuvring.
  • Mast with narrow channels and small-diameter lift cylinders increases forward vision and uses six load rollers with side rollers to achieve high load stability.
  • Choice of up-to-date, ergonomic fingertip or lever controls is available for precise, low-effort operation of hydraulic functions.
  • Comprehensively equipped instrument panel offers valuable on-the-go information and warnings to aid operator awareness and control.
  • Presence Detection System (PDS) gives audible warning if seat belt is not fastened and prevents all travel and hydraulic movement if operator is not correctly seated.
  • Tiltable steering column, adjustable full-suspension seat and generous leg room allow each user to find the perfect driving position.
  • Conveniently placed grab bars and steps ease access to operator compartment.
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  • Engine Shutdown System (ESS) stopping engine in the event of:
    • Transmission temperature >110 ºC
    • Coolant temperature >107 ºC
    • Engine oil pressure <24 kPa
  • Oil-cooled disc brakes (standard on 16.0 tonne, optional on others)
  • High-comfort cabin
  • Wide range of sideshifters and fork positioners
  • Pneumatic
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DP100N100006001204E Diesel
DP120N120006001204E Diesel
DP135N135006001204E Diesel
DP150N150006001204E Diesel
DP160N160006001204E Diesel
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