Cat® Lift Trucks has introduced two new flexible work partners as part of its pedestrian warehouse truck range. The Cat® NSP12N2C and NPP12N2D. Their aim: to keep your goods flowing quickly, even in narrow spaces.

14 July 2022

Designed to boost productivity in workplaces such as warehouses, supermarkets and production areas, the new models are:

  • A compact pedestrian stacker NSP12N2C
  • A pedestrian double pallet handler NPP12N2D

The first is, quite simply, the narrowest and lightest in the extensive Cat stacker range. At just 660 mm wide and 775 kg in weight, it’s a real go-anywhere truck.

The double pallet handler will carry two pallets at once, one above the other, without needing extra passage width. This means it can move shipments in half the number of journeys and half the time.

Each is highly controllable and manoeuvrable via an ergonomic tiller arm with comfortable, easy-to-use controls. Speed-regulated lifting and a proportional valve for lowering make load handling smooth and safe. The tiller arm position is offset, so the operator can walk alongside if he or she wishes. This aids visibility of the forks and load. To manoeuvre in the tightest spaces, the trucks can be operated with their tiller arm vertical.

These versatile machines fill a variety of roles. The stacker is naturally a good choice for storing and retrieving palletised loads in racking systems. The double pallet handler is ideal for loading and unloading vehicles, and performs well on dock levellers.

Both trucks can be used for filling store shelves, order picking, short internal transport work and much more. Their load capacity is 1.2 tonnes, but this may be optionally increased to 2.0 tonnes by specifying straddle legs on the double pallet handler. 

They share all the technology and design qualities typical of the Cat pedestrian power pallet and stacker ranges. These ensure powerful performance, high durability and economical maintenance.

Along with their standard features, they offer many optional choices – like fitting with lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. With this adaptation they are even more productive. Efficiency is increased, while fast opportunity charging during short breaks allows continuous operation without battery changes. In short, the flow of goods never stops.

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The pedestrian double pallet handler NPP12N2D
The compact pedestrian stacker NSP12N2C