"For logistics it's the time of dynamism" - Andrea Gentile

In a recent interview by Italian magazine, EUROMERCI, Mr Andrea Gentile, chairman of ASSOLOGISTICA, the Italian association for logistics companies and professionals gave his views on the future influences for the logistics industry.

Mr Gentile remarked that the organisation noted ‘change’ as the key buzz word amongst logistic professionals for 2018 and whilst the word is still very relevant for today, with Italy appearing to be the first big economy in Europe to fall back into a negative economic situation, the latest research from ASSOLOGISTICA members reveals three new key words which should accompany it – ‘dynamism, creativity and vivacity’.

"Our sector is invested by the effects of the so-called 4th industrial revolution”, explains Gentile, “Our member companies are increasingly digital and interconnected and Industry 4.0 has also long been a reality in Italy.”

Industry 4.0 is the name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, (also commonly referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.) Gentile says that the logistics industry, like any other, when faced with a productive world headed towards massive automation and interconnection adapts and does so by innovating and renewing itself. The three new keywords alongside ‘change’ are therefore very applicable for logistics companies to aspire to in the present climate.
Besides this observation, Gentile mentions in a presentation that although the turnover of the logistics industry is rising, there are growing logistics costs (including labour) and a growing importance for companies to be extremely flexible. In a world dominated by the ‘real-time’ imposed by the logistics chain (and online buying), he says that it has become obvious that the ‘flexibility’ component in logistic work has become critically important. Additionally, Gentile also notes the changing roles of professionals in logistics and how some roles might disappear in the near future and other new ones arise.

However, Gentile believes that from a positive stand point: new opportunities for the logistics industry will always arise.

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