If you work in the energy, industrial or infrastructure industries, you’ll know the importance of stable and reliable forklifts that can help you get the job done in often intense and tough applications.

Working in open environments, lifting heavy loads and long working hours are all part of a normal working day in these industries. And as a result, forklifts and other material handling equipment used in these applications are often required to:

  • Offer stability and reliability
  • Be resistant to damage
  • Offer strength and durability
  • Be constantly available

These requirements will feel familiar to many companies within this tough industry, and that’s why so many of them turn to our robust and versatile diesel-powered forklift range.

About the Cat® Lift Trucks diesel-powered forklift range

Our diesel forklifts offer the perfect solution to even the toughest of applications. They come in a comprehensive range of sizes and lift capacities:

  • DP15-35(C)N – our compact 1.5-3.5 tonnes diesel forklift range with three frame types and five mast capacity designs
  • DP40-55(C)NB – our 4-5.5 tonnes diesel forklift range which is the natural choice for use in ports, construction, freight, and metal and brick operations

Each of these diesel forklift models is designed with features that perfectly meet the needs of companies within the energy, industrial, and infrastructure industries.

Back when Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services were looking to renew their fleet of forklift trucks, they turned to Cat Lift Trucks to supply a range of diesel models that could offer reliability and stability to help them work efficiently.

Why our diesel forklifts were the natural choice for Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services

When the materials handling contract for Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services (previously Harsco Infrastructure UK) came up for renewal, the company initiated a competitive tender process which would see its fleet of more than 40 diesel forklift trucks completely replaced.

Specialists in scaffolding, mechanical access equipment, construction formwork, shoring materials, and industrial maintenance services, the company needed their new forklifts to offer stability, reliability, resistance to damage, improved performance, strength, durability and limited downtime.

Discussing their requirements, Ian Sheppard, Procurement Manager at Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services, said:

“We looked very closely to ensure that the forklift trucks proposed addressed concerns such as stability, reliability, and resistance to damage, and would give improved performance in the areas most important to us. We needed the trucks to be constantly available, so recharging times could’ve possibly been an issue with electric models."

"While LPG looked cleaner than diesel, we felt that its emissions were actually more harmful to the forklift truck operators. Also, LPG trucks tend to run hotter than diesel machines, and in dusty workplaces like ours, this can cause them to overheat.”

Impressed with our range and how well aligned our forklifts were to their requirements, the team turned to Cat® Lift Trucks for 40 new DP30N and DP50N diesel forklifts.

The engines of the forklift truck models selected were then optimised to reduce emissions, and enhanced filters were fitted to prevent damage from dust in the sheds.

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services chose our UK dealer, Impact Handling, to source their new models. Paul Grady, Impact Handling’s Major Accounts Manager, said:

“Harsco was impressed by our overall package, including the Cat product portfolio and flexible finance options, along with the expertise and aftersales support that we could offer. They particularly mentioned the solid reputation of the Cat brand for heavy-duty industrial products.”

And it appears our DP30N and DP50N diesel forklifts were the right choice. Commenting on their new fleet of forklifts, Ian said:

“The trucks have shown a higher residual lifting capacity than their equivalent competitors and have given us added stability. Our drivers have also noticed a better tilting range on the masts. Although it’s difficult to put a figure on it at this stage, the drivers do feel that the new models perform better than our previous trucks. They have also been very reliable.”

Looking for the perfect diesel forklift for your applications? Explore our entire range here. Alternatively, try our lift truck selector to find the truck that’s right for you.

Paul Grady, Major Account Manager, Impact Handling
Paul Grady, Major Account Manager, Impact Handling
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