Features and benefits of our NO12-25N2(F)(P)(FP) low level order pickers

At Cat® Lift Trucks, we specialise in manufacturing warehouse equipment which makes it easier and more efficient for our customers to complete warehouse applications. As part of our extensive range, we’ve developed a series of low-level order pickers which present a host of benefits to our customers.

The benefits of our NO12-25N2(F)(P)(FP) range of order pickers, include:

  • Blue point safety light (optional)
  • Walk-by-side operation which can be controlled via the steering wheel
  • Optional side mounted controls are available
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • High comfort triple suspension floor
  • A steering wheel design which allows for a sideways driving position and one-handed operation
  • Optimised regenerative braking eliminates swaying effect at full stop
  • Bevelled fork tips and tandem load wheels
  • A flying start function allows the operator to begin acceleration from walk-beside position
  • Rising platform lifting the operator for picking at heights of up to 2.5m
  • Range includes a variety of rising fork models

NO12-25N2(F)(P)(FP) low-level order picker specifications

Every model in this order picker range benefits from a load centre of 600mm. They also benefit from electric engines which allows for a more efficient process. The models in this order picker range have a capacity of between 1200-2500 kg.

Reducing your costs

Our low-level order pickers are designed to reduce your costs. We do this by:

  • Including an integrated single-unit motor and gear design that increases reliability and delivers excellent energy efficiency
  • Using a simplified one-piece main frame, with welded steel construction which is durable and hassle-free
  • Using a brand-new design for the fork carriage, linkages and levers which reduces wear and roller damage
  • Accessibility of systems and components for checks and servicing minimises your machines downtime and cuts bills
  • A display which highlights service hours and battery status encourages