Cat® pedestrian power pallet trucks – smooth and efficient horizontal transport

The Cat® range of pallet trucks are built around powerful AC motors. They come in a range of models and options to suit almost any horizontal warehouse application. The Cat range of power pallet trucks are some of the most versatile in the industry. They are almost completely maintenance free and have low energy consumption compared to other, more traditional style motors.

Benefits of our power pallet trucks include:

  1. Sealed chassis and waterproof electrics resist moisture, dirt and corrosion; increasing up-time, cutting maintenance costs and prolonging truck life
  2. An advanced AC controller results in highly precise drive control, making life easier for truck operators
  3. Excellent traction permits quicker acceleration allowing more loads to be handled each shift
  4. An ergonomic tiller arm helps keep operators fresh with comfortable, easy to use controls and optimum hand protection
  5. Linked suspension castor wheels ensure highest possible truck stability whatever the load

Our power pallet truck models:

  • NPF25N2 – This model is designed for heavy duty applications and come with an ergonomically positioned steering wheel which increases the drivers comfort levels
  • NPP16-20N2 – These power pallet trucks are most suitable for loading and unloading
  • NPV20N2 – This is a platform electric power truck and is most suitable for transporting loads over medium/long distances
  • NPR20N – This is a stand on pallet truck which offers short turning circles
  • NPS20N – This is a sit-on truck perfect for longer distances and benefits from great driver comfort
  • NPP16-20N2 – The ideal power pallet truck for small working areas

Find out more about our power pallet trucks, here.