Why choose a Cat® powered pallet truck?

Our powered pallet trucks are perfect for those who are looking for smooth and efficient horizontal transport. They are built with powerful, programmable AC motors and come in a range of models and options to suit a large range of horizontal handling situations in your warehouse.

Our power pallet trucks have unmatched productivity

These powered pallet trucks allow rapid transport from loading bay to warehouse; boosting operator comfort and efficiency. The main components are easily accessible allowing for faster maintenance and reduced downtime.
The powered pallet truck’s operator platform also folds away to give optimum manoeuvrability in tight spaces; making them the perfect piece of machinery for any application.

Our full power pallet truck range

Our large range of powered pallet trucks means we have one suitable for every application. Our range includes:

The NPP16-20N2(R)(E) range

These powered pallet trucks are great for improving loading efficiency, smoother unloading and improving shuttle applications. They take most of the legwork out of pedestrian pallet handling and are ideal for both horizontal movement and vehicle loading/unloading.

The NPV20N2/NPF25N2 range

These power pallet trucks are designed for medium- and long-distance journeys, as well as vehicle loading/unloading. They benefit from fold-down operator platforms to remove the legwork involved in transporting loads.

The NPV20ND range

Designed with efficiency in mind, the NPV20ND power pallet truck range permits two pallets to be moved simultaneously.

The NPR20N range

This powerful, ergonomic and easy to service powered pallet truck range features a console display that includes warning lights, a drive direction indicator, an hour metre and a battery charge indicator.

The NPS20N range

The sit on NPS20N powered palter truck range provides unrivalled materials handling capabilities and improved ergonomics for the driver across the longest distance warehouse transfers.

Find out more about our power pallet trucks, here.