Hard working, low level order pickers designed to improve your warehousing efficiency and built to the highest specifications.

Cat® Lift Trucks offers you the best order pickers in the industry. Why? Because they’ve built a picker for every single warehouse application and because each one is designed with your operator‘s comfort in mind.

The more storage you have per square metre the higher your picking costs will be and so Cat Lift Trucks has developed a range of models and options to suit almost any of your low level order picking tasks. Built around powerful, programmable AC motors, our hard-working order pickers will help you to create an efficient and effective work environment whilst the ergonomic design of their operator environments, will help to maximise your driver productivity.

By being more comfortable for the operator and having more ergonomic controls, our low level order pickers will help to optimise picking time and allow for greater results to be achieved per shift. In addition to the operator compartments, safety features such as fold down gates, non-slip mats and grab handles enhance secure working and all order pickers can be programmed for travel speed and lifting/lowering. Therefore where applicable, the order picker can be programmed to match operator ability, load type and working conditions. Along with the rugged chassis designs and long service intervals, these features make them a safe choice for your warehousing requirements whilst delivering low total cost of operation.

The Cat® NO-NE range of low level order pickers offers you the highest levels of performance with the lowest lift costs. Their productivity-enhancing features and superior ergonomic design will help to make your order picking operations smooth and safe whilst reducing your cycle times to a minimum. This next-generation truck’s features include driver benefit, class-leading space in the operator compartment and an automotive-style steering wheel, as well as excellent acceleration and manoeuvrability.

Alternatively, if you are looking for ground- level picking, The Cat NO20NE low level order picker, which has a 2.0 tonne load capacity and standard length forks, is perfectly suited to carrying out this task. The Cat NO20NEX features 2.35m long forks on a scissor-lifting mechanism that can carry two euro-pallets or three roll cages at once, allowing operators to make the most of every picking trip and reduce unnecessary travel time. The Cat NO10NEF, meanwhile, is a 1.0 tonne machine with standard cantilever rising forks. All three are complemented perfectly by models with a rising operator platform (NO20NEP/NO20NEXP/NO10NEFP) that lifts to 800mm for picking at heights of up to 2.5m.