With its all-new N2 generation of multi-way reach trucks, Cat® Lift Trucks has raised the bar for flexibility in multi-directional travel.

Non-stop mobility in every direction

In addition to forward/backward, sideways, diagonal and rotational motion, the new NRM20N2 and NRM25N2 models now have two further modes. One is for agile cornering and the other allows automatic transition between normal and lateral modes without having to stop.

A high-quality fork positioner, with an inbuilt tilt function, provides the wide spread needed to handle anything from a standard pallet to an exceptionally long load. Combined with the all-wheel synchronised steering, it creates an ideal solution for handling items such as pipes, planks and girders in narrow aisles.

Each load wheel has an independent steering motor, controller and brake system, and turns 360° in either direction, for extra manoeuvrability, speed and precision in many different tasks.

A responsive drive

Drivers now benefit from the Responsive Drive System (RDS) fitted to all models in the award-winning Cat NR-N2 reach truck range. Reacting to the speed of accelerator pedal and hydraulic control movement, RDS constantly adjusts performance parameters to meet the operator’s changing needs. RDS also features S4 mast handling and other advances to make all movements fast but at the same time smooth, accurate and controlled, with high stability and minimal sway.

Progressive steering, curve control and reduction of drive and reach speed with mast height are further automatic aids to smooth, safe and efficient driving. Meanwhile, a lift height indicator is fitted as standard to encourage careful handling.

Driver-focused design

An intermediate step and ergonomic grab handles help the operator to ‘swing’ quickly and easily into and out of a spacious, high-comfort cabin with a low seat position which gives more headroom. Drivers are provided with a fully adjustable seat and steering wheel, optimally shaped and angled pedals, and other intuitive and ergonomically arranged controls.

In particular there is a state-of-the-art adjustable armrest which combines anatomical support with free movement, perfect hand positioning and spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls for comfortable, low-effort operation.

With safety in mind, the designers have incorporated features such a ‘dead man’s pedal’ – serving also as a footrest – which requires only the foot’s own weight to register the operator’s presence. An effective hydraulic braking system gives confidence in high-speed work and needs little maintenance.

Lasting productivity

To minimise downtime and bills, the designers have specified durable components and enabled quick service access throughout the trucks. The high-strength load wheels, for instance, now come as single units with cast instead of welded parts. They turn entirely within the chassis, to avoid risk of collision damage, but are easy to reach for maintenance. The new reach carriage is similarly designed for durability and serviceability.

Protecting the buyer’s investment has become easier thanks to a clear, full-colour display panel which advises on truck status and avoids misuse. Information is presented in the operator’s own language and the display’s functionality is simple to learn.

Two capacities – 2.0 and 2.5 tonnes – are available, along with a long list of options to match application needs. Whether deployed in specialist industries, such as timber, metal and electricity, or in general distribution and logistics centres, the manufacturer says the efficiency and versatility of these multi-way trucks will empower operators to reach new levels of productivity.

For further information on Cat® lift trucks and warehouse equipment, please visit www.catlifttruck.com. See them in action via YouTube and follow the news on Facebook and Twitter.

Cat Lift Truck multiway reach truck
Multi Way Reach Trucks NRM20-25N2