The versatile all-new N2 generation of multi-way reach trucks from Cat® Lift Trucks has been announced as a Safety Award Finalist in the FLTA Awards for Excellence.

A panel of expert judges from the industry will examine the shortlisted entries in each category over the coming months. Winners will be revealed at a prestigious gala event staged by the Fork Lift Truck Association on 24th February 2018.

As their name suggests, Cat multi-way reach trucks can move in many ways – including forward, backward, sideways, diagonally and rotationally. They are particularly well suited to handling long items – like pipes, planks and girders – in narrow aisles

The Cat NRM20-25N2 range has taken flexibility in multi-directional movement to a whole new level, but what particularly impressed the FLTA was its designers’ attention to safety.

From the ground up, its design is fundamentally safe – starting with pivoting load wheels which ensure stability even when driving over debris or uneven surfaces. Its operator compartment – 75 mm wider than the nearest rival’s – offers class-leading spaciousness as well as protection. It is the only one in its class that defends the driver’s left shoulder against being scraped and bumped by racking.

Load weight and lift height indicators are amongst the additional devices fitted as standard to encourage careful handling. A ‘dead man’s pedal’ serves both as a footrest and a failsafe mechanism, requiring only the foot’s own weight to register the operator’s presence. For confidence in high-speed work, an effective hydraulic braking system is specified.

The trucks also benefit from automated safety features like the Responsive Drive System (RDS). Reacting to the rate of accelerator pedal and hydraulic control movement, it constantly adjusts parameters to maintain an ideal balance between performance and safety as the operator tackles different challenges.

RDS incorporates S4 mast handling and other advances to make all movements fast but smooth, accurate and controlled, with high stability and minimal sway. Progressive steering, curve control and reduction of drive and reach speed with mast height are further automatic aids to smooth, safe and efficient driving.

Another key outcome of the trucks’ driver-focused development is the multifunctional armrest with integrated fingertip controls. This safeguards against repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) by fully supporting the operator’s entire wrist, forearm, shoulder and back.

The design team is proud to have achieved what it describes as ‘the ultimate in versatile motion and productivity’ while fully meeting operators’ safety, health and comfort needs.

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Multi Way Reach Trucks NRM20-25N2