19 October 2022

Cat® Lift Trucks has introduced a new tiller arm design, heading up improvements to two popular pedestrian truck ranges. The Cat NSP10-16N3(I)(R)(S) stacker and NPP16-20N3(R)(E) power pallet upgrades promise higher productivity and cost-saving operation.

These quiet, compact machines are ideal for a variety of applications, including short shuttle work and occasional longer distances. Depending on mast choice, the stackers can place and retrieve goods at heights up to 5.4 metres. The power pallet trucks, meanwhile, are unbeatable for vehicle loading and unloading.

Greater precision, comfort and stability

Advanced motor and electronic controller technology combines with the tiller arm’s advanced ergonomics to enable smooth, precise and fast manoeuvring. The tiller is designed for easy, comfortable use and minimal fatigue. In particular, it features large controls which can be easily reached and operated one-handed, even when wearing gloves.

An additional option on the stackers is a Z-tiller or offset arm, which allows extra manoeuvrability in tight spaces such as lorries.

High stability, enhancing the operator’s sense of control, comfort and safety, was already a key characteristic of the two ranges. It has now been further improved by optimising the distance of the support leg wheels from the rear frame.

Increased output

On the NSP16N3 and NSP16N3R stacker models, optional foldable side stabilisers can be specified to increase lifting capacity at height. Choice of initial lift (N3I) stackers gives the opportunity of saving time by carrying two pallet loads at once. One is placed on the forks and one on the support legs.

Another way of increasing output is to opt for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, which are available in both ranges. This choice improves performance and – through fast opportunity charging – allows continuous operation without battery changes.

Reduced expense

In addition, Li-ion technology increases battery efficiency, runtime and lifespan, while minimising maintenance needs, for a lower total cost of operation (TCO). The trucks’ lifetime costs are also reduced by efficient motors, durable construction, inbuilt component protection and easy servicing access. 

An LCD display is now fitted to all models as standard, to encourage correct use and aid maintenance. It shows clear information on truck and battery condition.

Wide application-matched model choice

There are 16 Cat N3 pedestrian stackers to choose from, with capacities ranging from 1.0 to 1.6 tonnes. The N3 pedestrian power pallet range offers five models, with 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 tonne capacities. They include the NPP20N3E, which features lifting forks. These can be positioned at an optimum height to minimise strain on the operator when loading and unloading items.

The NPP20N3R power pallet, along with eight N3R models in the stacker range, has a folding ride-on platform. This can be deployed for occasional longer travel.

Initial lift (N3I) stacker models allow increased ground clearance for work on ramps. As mentioned previously, they can also be used for double pallet handling. Two straddle (N3S) stackers are offered for easy handling of wider loads and bottom-boarded pallets. In addition to a wide model choice, each range comes with many optional extras for perfect application matching.

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Cat NPP16-20N3(R)(E) pedestrian power pallet truck
Cat NPP16-20N3(R)(E) pedestrian power pallet truck
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