19 July 2021

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Within any warehouse equipment manufacturer’s forklift truck range, you will find a potentially bewildering array of model types suited to a variety of different requirements. But how do you choose the right forklifts for your business? It can be difficult to work out which one is best for your needs and as they are a significant investment, we know that it’s essential to get the decision right. With so many factors to consider, we would like to find out what you think is important and how you prioritise.

For example, do you choose your forklift trucks based on the energy they consume? Diesel forklifts are some of the toughest workhorses in the materials handling industry and suited to a wide range of applications as they are designed to withstand tough, wet and dirty outdoor conditions.

Alternatively, LP Gas-powered forklifts are more environmentally friendly than diesel while still offering the power and performance necessary for demanding work.

Alternatively, you could choose the most environmentally friendly option, electric forklifts, built to be both quick and easy to manoeuvre, and particularly suited for indoor use and for handling a wide range of unit loads including pallets, pallet boxes, and stillages.

Does the size and robustness of a forklift truck matter to you? Do you match your forklifts to the environment they will be working in, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, as well as the type of work you need to get done? How much is your choice influenced by the purchase price and ease of maintenance of your forklift truck and what about the opinions of your forklift operators?

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a forklift but what really matters to you? We would love to know!

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EP40-55CNH high capacity electric forklift