Cost-effective capability

Built to meet the needs of a variety of demanding applications, the DP70N blends strength, stability and durability with clean, efficient performance and user-friendly design to boost productivity and lower your operating costs.

Its advanced Perkins 4-cylinder 854E engine not only meets EURO Stage IIIB emissions regulations but combines high power with low fuel consumption to minimise running costs day after day. Meanwhile, easy maintenance and strong resistance to damage and wear reduce the expense of servicing, repairs and downtime. These savings in the total cost of ownership, together with increased output resulting from the truck’s outstanding capabilities, add up to a great return on your investment.

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Lower Cost
  • Advanced Perkins 854E 4-cylinder diesel engine delivers powerful performance with 18% greater fuel efficiency than previous units and meets EURO Stage IIIB emissions standard.
  • Low-maintenance Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology with Passive Regeneration (PR) avoids the need for downtime by burning off soot while truck is operating.
  • Engine Protection System (EPS) monitors oil pressure, coolant temperature and transmission temperature, giving warnings and limiting power output, travel speed and hydraulic speed if abnormalities are detected.
  • Robust steel frame designed using Finite Element Analysis gives durable structure with low centre of gravity, resulting in higher residual capacity.
  • Fully floating drive axle adds extra durability and capacity compared to semi- or nonfloating alternatives.
  • Steer axle construction as a single solid unit maximises strength and rigidity.
  • Dependable engine and strong resistance of all truck components to damage and wear helps minimise repair and service bills.
  • Easy and quick access to all areas for routine checks and maintenance keeps truck in sound working condition, saves time and reduces expense.
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