5 Diciembre 2022

Responding to customers’ needs, Cat Lift Trucks continues to introduce new and innovative products at a remarkable rate. Here’s a summary of just the last two years’ launches in Europe.

Cat electric counterbalance trucks

Cat EP14-20(C)N2(T) 48V, 1.4 to 2.0 tonne, three-wheel and four-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts

Cat EP25-35A(C)N 80V, 2.5 to 3.5 tonne, four-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts

Cat EP40-55(C)N(H) 80V, 4.0 to 5.5 tonne, four-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts

The entire Cat electric counterbalance forklift range has been replaced within two years. Packed with electronic innovations, these lift trucks draw full advantage from today’s advanced technology. The Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS), for instance, seems to know how the driver wants the truck to behave at each moment. Other advances found within the model line-up include PowerBurst acceleration and torque boosting, SmoothFlow hydraulics, OmniTurn all-wheel steering, Palm Steering and SilentRun+ hydraulic pumps. The result is a combination of high power and efficiency with intelligence, agility and driving pleasure.

Cat reach trucks

Cat NR12-14N3(L)(C) light reach trucks

Cat NR14-16N2L light reach trucks

Cat NR16-25N3H(X) standard and heavy duty reach trucks

Cat NR14-25N2(S)(H)(C)(X) standard and heavy duty reach trucks

Cat NRM20-25N3 four-way reach trucks

Cat NRM20-25N2 multi-way reach trucks

With the addition of three N3 ranges, customer choice has been extended to 26 reach truck models. Meanwhile, the existing three N2 ranges have been fine-tuned to perfection. Download the Cat reach trucks brochure for a simple guide to the N2 and N3 models’ varying specifications. Your local Cat lift truck dealer will find the one that’s ideal for your application.

Cat pedestrian power pallet trucks and stackers

Cat NPP16-20N3(R)(E) pedestrian power pallet trucks

Cat NSP10-16N3(R)(I)(S) pedestrian stacker trucks

Cat NSP12N2C compact pedestrian stacker

The new-generation Cat pedestrian power pallets and stacker trucks feature a fresh and innovative tiller arm design. It enables easy, comfortable use with minimal fatigue. This family includes the compact pedestrian stacker NSP12N2C. It’s the narrowest and lightest model in the extensive Cat stacker truck range.

Cat double pallet handlers

Cat NPP12N2D pedestrian double pallet handler

Cat NPV20N3D / NPF20N3D(R)(S) platform double pallet handlers

These trucks can move batches of palletised goods twice as fast by carrying two pallet loads at a time. With one load on the straddle legs and one above it on the forks, the trucks remain compact and manoeuvrable. They share all the technology and design qualities of the Cat pedestrian and platform power pallet ranges. On the platform models, advanced features include the ProRide+ system – a major advance combining effective traction, damping and stability.

Cat stand-in and sit-on power pallet trucks and stackers

Cat NPR20-30N2 stand-in power pallet trucks

Cat NPS20-30N2 sit-on power pallet trucks

Cat NSR12-20N2(I) stand-in stackers

Cat NSS16-20N2(I) sit-on stackers

These smart alternatives offer important advantages over the more common choice of pedestrian and platform power pallets and stacker trucks. The stand-in and sit-on concepts allow you to make fuller use of valuable warehouse space. They also speed up every activity. With a more compact footprint and greater manoeuvrability than a platform model, they enable narrowing of your aisles. The stackers also have superior lifting abilities, so you make your racking higher and store heavier loads at each level. Sit-on versions add seated comfort for intensive work over long shifts and distances.

Cat low-level order pickers and tow trucks

Cat NO12-25N2(F)(X)(P)(FP) low-level order pickers

Cat NTR30-50N2 tow trucks

Already leading the market on energy efficiency, these ranges are now even better thanks to recent fine-tuning. Along with all the other ranges summarised above, they are now available with a choice between lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lead-acid batteries. Li-ion battery power enables longer runtime, continuous operation, higher productivity, minimal maintenance, longer life and lower total cost of operation (TCO).

And there’s much more from Cat Lift Trucks

Elsewhere in the comprehensive Cat warehouse equipment range you’ll find the latest 2nd-level and medium/high-level order pickers. For the highly specialised world of VNA (very narrow aisle) warehousing, there are also man-down VNA trucks and man-up turret trucks. And what if you still need IC engine counterbalance trucks? Look no further than the famously dependable Cat diesel forklift and LPG forklift ranges with their up-to-date technology.

EP14-20(C)N2T 48V electric lift truck 3-wheels
EP14-20(C)N2T electric forklift 3-wheels
Cat high capacity electric forklift
NR16-25N3H(X) Reach Truck range
Cat four-way reach trucks
Cat stand-in stacker NSR12-20N2(I)
Cat stand-in stacker NSR12-20N2(I)