Las carretillas trilaterales hombre arriba NVT de Cat® son perfectas para apilar y recoger pedidos en pasillos muy estrechos (VNA, por su siglas en inglés) y estanterías de gran altura.

Cada carretilla se personaliza por completo para ajustarse con precisión al espacio de su almacén, a sus necesidades de carga y las de los operarios. Con su ergonomía y su comodidad superiores, conducirlas es un placer, y además su potente rendimiento y sus bajos costes de explotación aumentan los beneficios.

Hay cinco modelos principales con una capacidad de entre 1,1 y 1,5 toneladas: NVT11, NVT12, NVT13, NVT14 y NVT15. Pueden solicitarse expresamente otros dos modelos: NVT20 para cargas excepcionalmente pesadas (hasta 2 toneladas) y NVT15XL para alturas extraordinarias (hasta 19 metros).

La lista de opciones disponibles es muy extensa. Algunos ejemplos abarcan desde el guiado por carril o cable inductivo,  hasta los sistemas de pesaje, posicionamiento en altura y el control de la velocidad, así como la calefacción para la cabina, ventiladores y las combinaciones de ventanas. Las opciones avanzadas, como las puertas laterales basculantes y el módulo de control basculante, hacen que las operaciones de recogida sean más fáciles y productivas, mientras que el sistema de cámara integral, el sistema de basculación activa y la semiautomatización pueden mejorar la seguridad, la productividad y la precisión. Su distribuidor de Cat Lift Trucks le facilitará todos los detalles.

  • Low-weight design reduces energy consumption and wear, as well as enhancing performance.
  • Separate proportional valve regulates cabin lowering speed more efficiently, for longer battery runtime, and extends component life.
  • Low centre of gravity and lightweight construction avoid need for load wheel brakes, which would require regular adjustment, servicing, and replacement of worn parts.
  • Adjustable load wheel height allows easy compensation for differences in wear between wheels or if one wheel is damaged, so no need to replace as pairs.
  • Lubrication points improve performance and longevity of all cabin and mast bearings.
  • Large spacing between auxiliary lifting mast bearings reduces deflection, lowers bearing stresses and increases durability.
  • Large, closed wheel arches combine with guide rollers to protect load wheels from damage.
  • Steering chain is adjustable, less sensitive to dirt and much more wear-resistant than the spur gear alternative.
  • Strong steel doors enclose motor compartment, protect internal components – including electronic controls – and open to give easy, uncluttered access for servicing.
  • Rapid fault analysis is possible via LED displays, PC connection or, remotely, through GSM mobile communication, to simplify and speed up repairs and maintenance.
  • Long replacement intervals cut time and material costs for items like mast chains and hydraulic oil.
  • Battery change is quick and easy using a counterbalance lift truck

  • Flexible choice of cabin and chassis dimensions – in small increments – allows perfect fit with different aisles, applications and batteries.
  • Latest AC drive technology generates fast lifting speeds for forks, masts and cabins, with low energy losses.
  • Advanced mast design uses FEM (finite element method) to optimise stability, weight and performance.
  • Duplex mast choices for all lift heights mean faster and more stable performance, lower energy consumption, less maintenance and shorter truck length than with triplex.
  • Triplex mast options include versions without full free lift, for higher speed and lower maintenance.
  • Fork range includes mast swivel and telescopic types suited to different specific applications.

  • Mast-to-chassis struts increase mast rigidity, while low centre of gravity maximises overall truck stability.
  • Clear all-round views are aided by excellent through-mast visibility, angled motor compartment and rounded chassis.
  • Optional tilting side gates open with a flip of the upper bar for easy order picking.
  • Thin front wall allows easy reach to place picked items into container or onto pallet.
  • Spacious and secure cabin features carpeted walls, thickly cushioned floor, high-comfort seat (with weight adjustment) and inbuilt document and equipment holders as standard.
  • Wide range of seating options and accessories includes folding version for choice of standing or sitting operation, with pneumatic spring mechanism for easy switching of console between positions.
  • Choice of operator console styles and layouts is matched to different needs and preferences, enabling easy reach and use of controls (and clear display screen) in all cases

NVT11 1100 600 Battery
NVT12 1200 600 Battery
NVT13 1300 600 Battery
NVT14 1350 600 Battery
NVT15 1500 600 Battery
NVT15XL 1500 600 Battery
NVT20 2000 600 Battery