12 January 2016

Warehouse square meters are expensive. Especially in logistics and materials handling, where margins are often small, it is important to utilize space optimally. A compact and manoeuvrable forklift is indispensable. But the warehouse manager faces often a dilemma; do we choose manoeuvrability or do we buy the larger yet more powerful lift truck?

Of course, manufacturers are constantly looking to combine these opposing requirements (agility vs. strength). In the end, things like design, construction and dimensions of a truck can make a difference, but also ingenious solutions can contribute to maximum manoeuvrability. And therefore to an optimal space utilization. Smart solutions also help to increase productivity even further. Dual drive is such a smart solution.

Dual drive

In a double drive system, also known as dual drive, the front axle of the truck is equipped with two separate drive motors; one for each wheel. The drive motors can spin the wheels in the same direction. So far nothing special.
The genius lies in the ability to spin the front wheels in opposite directions. This makes precision positioning and manoeuvring in tight spaces possible. Furthermore, the truck does not push back when side turning; this reduces the turning radius even further and it minimizes the risk of damage.

Smooth and manoeuvrable

A four wheel lift truck with dual drive practically becomes as manoeuvrable as a three wheel lift truck. It can practically spin around its axis. Try to combine this with a rear axle rotation of more than 100 degrees and you get very thigh turns. Driving becomes even smoother and more enjoyable when the truck assists the driver with automatic and progressive speed reduction in cornering situations.

Additional benefits

And if that's not enough, the dual drive concept provides some additional advantages. First, the principle guarantees maximum traction, and thus better safety. And second, you may also expect a longer tire life than on trucks with a conventional drive. The advantage of this concept has even more than tripled.