Multi Way Reach Trucks NRM20-25N2
Multi-way forklift/narrow aisle forklift
Cat multi-way reach truck

For the ultimate in versatile motion and productivity, choose the N2 generation of multi-way reach trucks from Cat® Lift Trucks.

The NRM20N2 and NRM25N2 take all the ergonomic, performance and durability advantages of the Cat® NR-N2 reach truck range and add amazingly flexible multi-directional travel to its capabilities. They are particularly well suited to handling very long loads in narrow aisles, thanks to the combination of all-wheel synchronised steering and a high-quality fork positioner.

Their fork positioner, with inbuilt tilt function, provides the wide spread needed to handle anything from standard pallets to pipes, planks and girders. Each load wheel has its own independent steering motor, controller and brake system, and turns 360° in either direction, for unbeatable manoeuvrability, speed and precision, whatever the task.

In addition to forward/backward, sideways, diagonal and rotational motion, these multi-way reach trucks offer two further modes. One is for agile cornering and the other allows automatic transition between normal and lateral modes without having to stop.

Drivers benefit from the Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS) as well as other automatic aids such as progressive steering, curve control and reduction of drive and reach speed with mast height. RDS reacts to the speed of accelerator pedal and hydraulic control movement, constantly adjusting performance parameters to meet the operator’s changing needs.

RDS also features S4 mast handling and other advances to make all movements fast but at the same time smooth, accurate and controlled, with high stability and minimal sway.

The high-comfort cabin contains the latest in ergonomic controls, including a state-of-the-art adjustable armrest which combines anatomical support with free movement, perfect hand positioning and spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls for comfortable, low-effort operation.

Non-stop productivity and low running costs are ensured by durable components and easy service access, together with clear information from a full-colour display panel.