Our entry-level light reach truck bring the advantages of reach truck ownership and use to a wider range of businesses.

Designed for light and medium duties at heights up to 7.5 metres, they share the quality, ergonomics and sensitively controlled performance of the wider Cat reach truck family.

Performance is both powerful and refined, thanks to a strong gearbox, rigid truck and mast construction, reliable hydraulics, Responsive Drive System (RDS), advanced controller technology and passive sway control. The result is high lifting and residual capacities, with smooth, precise load handling and driving.

The spacious cabin is furnished with a high-comfort Grammer seat, lined walls and a variety of convenient storage features. From here, the driver enjoys clear all-round and upward views while being protected by the overhead guard and other truck structures.

Advanced fingertip hydraulic controls are embedded into an ergonomic, adjustable armrest. Steering wheel height and angle can be adjusted, and the driver can steer from a variety of hand positions. A multifunctional display with brightly coloured readouts provides useful information.

Drive speed is automatically and smoothly controlled during turns, or when the forks are raised, to prevent unsafe behaviour. Other safeguards include stepless slowdown of steering response with increasing travel speed, to keep manoeuvring safely under control.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced through high durability and low maintenance needs. All components, including the mast which has been specifically chosen for lighter application demands, are robustly constructed to minimise damage and wear. Quick access and simple procedures for servicing or replacing components save further on downtime. With so many productivity and TCO advantages, they offer the perfect opportunity for users to move up to a reach truck.

  • Features a mast solution that is well suited to lighter applications.
  • Robust construction minimises damage and wear.
  • Easy service access features include tilting and detachable seat, durable plastic machinery cover and tilting battery cover, for reduced downtime.
  • High-spec display unit encourages correct maintenance, with functions including condition monitoring, fault alarms, diagnostics and servicing interval calculation.
  • Removable buffer enables simple and quick drive wheel change, with no need to remove other components.
  • Load wheels are positioned outside chassis to simplify service access, with a front cover for defence against collision with racking.
  • Wear rails above support legs are easily exchanged to extend truck life.
  • Oil tank return and suction filters reduce pump motor’s maintenance needs.
  • Li-ion battery option adds even greater efficiency and runtime, along with minimal maintenance needs and much longer life, for lower long-term total cost of operation (TCO).

  • Passive sway control system keeps automatic parking brake open, so sway energy is absorbed by the whole truck’s mass, while strong mast design and low-friction sideshift reduce swaying, twisting and noise.
  • Responsive Drive System (RDS) and new-generation controller technology provide sensitive control for driving and mast operations, to make work faster, safer and more comfortable.
  • High-strength gearbox boosts loading capacity, reliability and productivity.
  • Rigid attachment of driver compartment to strong truck base enables higher lifting, increases residual capacities and enhances driving characteristics.
  • Latest reach carriage solution features adjustable clearance rollers for optimised mast behaviour.
  • Widely separated support legs (1,070 mm inner width) aid visibility, protection and precise manoeuvring of loads.
  • Wide drive wheel (140 mm) improves truck handling and stability, as well as slowing down wear.
  • Large oil tank capacity maintains steady oil temperature, for reliable hydraulic functions and consistent load control which enable stable, high lifting.

  • Spacious driver’s compartment safely and comfortably accommodates users of all sizes.
  • Steering assembly is adjustable in all directions, to suit driver’s size and preference, and can be lifted upward for easy entry, exit and maintenance access.
  • Steering wheel design features notches which allow control from many different hand positions, according to the driver’s needs and habits.
  • Adjustable cushioned armrest houses spring-force-optimised fingertip hydraulic controls and is designed to combine anatomical support with free movement and perfect hand positioning.
  • Dual joystick option separates functions such as clamp opening, to avoid accidental moves, and is especially useful if fingertip levers are too small for operation with gloves (or large hands).
  • Direction control by foot can be programmed – as an alternative to switching by hand on the armrest – if driver prefers.
  • Large, optimally angled and positioned pedals give good control without strain.
  • Dual pedal option helps productivity by enabling truck to change direction without the operator needing to use hand controls or adjust foot position.
  • Multifunctional display keeps driver fully informed with bright, coloured readouts, and is optimally positioned and angled for clear viewing.
  • Cabin furnishing includes convenient storage features – for secure containment of items like drinks, documents, writing pad, pens, tools and phone – and the driver space is attractively lined with comfortable material.
  • Grammer seats offer high comfort and ergonomic sitting position, with adjustment for driver size, weight and backrest tilt preference as standard.
  • High-performance seat options with mechanical or air suspension offer choices including extra adjustments, additional support features and heating.
  • Driver’s entry and exit are aided by a wide, deep step, at optimal height, and by hand grips on each side which also protect shoulders when seated.
  • Sturdy but lightweight lift carriage design gives safe control with a clear view.
  • Overhead guard design gives optimum combination of upward vision and safety.
  • Automatic drive speed reduction systems make smooth, stepless adjustments according to steering angle and lift height, to prevent unsafe driver behaviour when cornering or carrying raised loads.
  • Reduced reach speed above initial lift adds a further safeguard against accidentally throwing loads from pallets.
  • Progressive steering is steplessly adjusted according to drive speed, for optimum response and control.
  • Operator presence pedal requires only the driver’s leg weight – and no effort – to maintain its ‘dead man’ safety function.
  • Emergency stop button is easy to reach from armrest.
  • Strong battery locking mechanism combines with inbuilt broad battery rollers for fast, easy and safe exchanges.
  • Battery change options include table for two batteries, fixed to floor, as well as quick-change system with battery lock pedal and lock-detecting sensor

NR14N2L 1400 600 Electric
NR16N2L 1600 600 Electric