Cat® Lift Trucks is bringing the advantages of reach truck ownership and usage to a wider range of materials handling businesses with the introduction of two entry-level models.

2 February 2021

The 1.4 tonne NR14N2L and 1.6 tonne NR16N2L light reach trucks are designed for light and medium duties at heights up to 7.5 metres. Despite their lower price, the manufacturer stresses that they share the quality, ergonomics, and sensitively controlled performance of the wider Cat® reach truck family.

Boost your productivity

Performance of the entry level reach trucks is both powerful and refined, thanks to a strong gearbox, rigid truck and mast construction, reliable hydraulics, Responsive Drive System (RDS), new-generation controller technology and passive sway control (PSC).

PSC is an interesting development which keeps the automatic parking brake open so that sway energy is absorbed by the reach truck’s whole mass. Meanwhile, the high-strength mast design and low-friction sideshift further reduce swaying as well as twisting and noise.

Together, these factors enable high lifting and residual capacities, with sensitive, smooth, precise control of driving and load handling. For the driver, this makes materials handling work faster, safer and more comfortable.

Boost your driver

The reach truck driver’s spacious cabin is furnished with attractively lined surfaces, a high-comfort Grammer seat and a variety of convenient storage and secure containment features. Clear all-round and upward views, as well as driver protection, are provided by the latest overhead guard and lift carriage designs. Users are kept fully informed by bright, coloured readouts from a multifunctional display.

High-precision controls include fingertip hydraulic levers, housed in an ergonomic, adjustable armrest, combining anatomical support with free movement and perfect hand positioning. The steering wheel design features notches which allow control from many different hand positions, according to the driver’s needs and preferences. It can be adjusted for height and angle and lifted upward for easy entry and exit.

Stepless slowdown of steering response with increasing drive speed keeps manoeuvring safely under control. When cornering, or when carrying raised loads, unsafe driver behaviour is prevented by automatic systems which smoothly and steplessly adjust speed according to steering angle and lift height. Another safeguard against throwing loads from pallets is reduced reach speed above initial lift.

Move up to a reach truck now

Entry-level reach truck pricing is achieved largely by using an economical mast solution which is less specialised than those of other Cat reach trucks but which meets lighter materials handling application demands. In addition, the two new models lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through their durability and low maintenance needs.

Robust construction minimises damage and wear, while quick access and simple procedures for servicing or replacing components save on downtime. With so many productivity and TCO advantages, the designers believe they have created a perfect opportunity for users to move up to a reach truck.

The entry-level reach trucks will fulfil a wide variety of needs in small and middle-sized warehouses, stores and retail outlets. For heavier, higher, narrower or more complex operations, there are 13 other models to choose from in the technically advanced Cat reach truck range. They include standard, high-performance, compact, straddle and multi-way versions.

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Cat Reach Truck Light
Reach Truck Light NP14-16N2L