Six versatile stacker models have been launched by Cat® Lift Trucks to maximise productivity in a wide variety of roles.

11 December 2019

A new compact model, the NSP12PC, joins the existing 15-model pedestrian stacker line-up, while the previous platform stackers have been replaced by an all-new five-model range.

More model choices

The space-saving but powerful 1.2 tonne NSP12PC pedestrian truck is ideal for filling store shelves, stacking, order picking and short internal transport work in, for example, warehouses, supermarkets and production areas. It will stack up to 2.0 metres.
NSV12-16P(I)(S) platform stackers, with 1.2 and 1.6 tonne capacities, can be used in pedestrian or ride-on mode for transport over all distances. They are adaptable to a diversity of applications in narrow spaces, including occasional order picking, and will stack up to 5.4 metres.

For handling extra-wide loads and bottom-boarded pallets, straddle model NSV16PS is an obvious choice. With load legs placed around the pallet, its forks are free to lift from ground level. There is also the possibility of adding wide straddle legs to model NSV16P.

Initial lift models NSV12PI and NSV16PI can raise their load legs to give extra ground clearance on uneven floors and ramps. They can also handle two pallets at once, with one on the load legs and one on the forks. The range is completed by the 1.2 tonne base model NSV12P.

User-friendly interface

A new-style tiller head provides a user-friendly interface on all models. It incorporates a keypad and display linked to the onboard computer. Programmable parameters can be selected according to the specific driver and task, with a PIN code login identifying each user. Truck activation is quick and simple, and the driver is kept well informed throughout each shift.

The tiller head is ergonomically shaped to suit all hand sizes and to bring the large lift/lower, speed and other inbuilt controls comfortably within reach. It makes the truck easy to control even when wearing gloves. Offset positioning of the NSP pedestrian model’s tiller arm improves vision and allows the operator to walk alongside.

Comfortable platform

Depending on their changing needs, NSV drivers can choose to deploy the platform, leave it down for quick remounting or fold it flat against the chassis to save space. It has a cast-iron construction which safely resists deformation and gives excellent cushioned comfort. Its low step height enables easy on-off access and the surface is specially angled to encourage drivers to bend their knees. This creates a relaxed standing position which makes use of the body’s natural suspension.
Platform-related optional features include sidebars, which can be quickly folded out or in – one-handed and without leaving the platform. There are also fixed platform options, with a choice of barrier designs and entry/exit points. An overhead guard can be specified to ensure safe working at heights above 1.8 m, without having to leave the platform or fold down the side bars.

Top-class performance

Performance is top class, thanks to the latest AC drive technology which delivers higher torque, faster travel and easier control. Compact dimensions, combined with precise controllability, allow rapid manoeuvring even in the tightest situations.
The option of electronic power steering on platform models avoids physical connection between the tiller arm and drive wheel. This prevents transmission of bumps, twists and turns to the driver’s hand. Progressive steering functionality adjusts sensitivity according to speed and tiller angle, and the driving experience is further enhanced by resistance and feedback from the drive wheel.

Li-ion batteries are amongst a long list of additional options which help match each truck precisely to its application.

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