2 November 2023

'Not just a great forklift but a money-saving, productivity-boosting and profit-increasing investment.' - That’s how Cat® Lift Trucks describes its new heavy electric counterbalance range.

The 6.0 to 12.0 tonne Cat® EP60-120N(H) range has been launched with a focus on ‘improvement that pays for itself’. Its operating economy, productive performance and driver-empowering qualities are especially emphasised.

Save money with the 6.0 to 12.0 tonne Cat® EP60-120N(H) range

The new truck’s efficient electrical systems and large battery capacities enable economical energy use and long runtimes. For easy lateral exchanging, the 96V batteries are divided into two parts. These can be removed and replaced by one person, using a power pallet or another forklift.

Quick engineer access and diagnostic aids speed up servicing and reduce the related downtime and labour costs. Robust construction, together with effective sealing and protection of key components, further reduces maintenance needs and expense. It also ensures dependable operation, however harsh the conditions. In the long term, this inbuilt durability extends the truck’s life and maximises its residual value.

Boost your output

Advanced electric motor technology generates plenty of power and speed for demanding tasks. Better still, the high torque, acceleration and lifting strength it produces are precisely controlled. As a result, every driving and load handling action is rapid, accurate and smooth.

High-positioned mast tilt cylinders enhance stability and residual lifting capacity. Meanwhile, a compact truck design, responsive steering and intelligent curve control allow fast but safe and precise manoeuvring. For workplaces with restricted height, like containers, all models have the option of a low overhead guard.

For maximum agility, NH (high-performance) models feature a +100⁰ steering axle. With this, the truck can turn on the spot within its own dimensions. It can also make instant side turns with no need for initial backward movement.

Get the best out of your drivers

Comfortable and enjoyable working conditions are a key to optimising drivers’ performance. One of the first things they notice about this truck is its low seating position compared to other large electrics. This means much less climbing for those who have to leave and re-enter the cab frequently.

The spacious operating compartment is rubber-mounted to minimise vibration and noise. Quiet hydraulic pumps, drive units and controllers also help to maintain a pleasant work environment. A high-comfort, fully adjustable seat and ergonomic controls contribute further to avoiding tiredness, fatigue, stress and strain. This is important in preventing job-related illnesses, absences, and slowdowns in work rate, which are costly to businesses.

A fundamental factor in work speed, accuracy and safety is clear vision. The new truck has been designed with good all-round views and even has a rear-view camera fitted as standard. Make your choice There are 15 models, with 7 capacities ranging from 6.0 to 12.0 tonnes. They include standard (N) and high-performance (NH) model choices at each capacity. (Except for 12.0 tonnes, at which only NH is offered.) Many optional extras are available to meet specific application needs and preferences.

Further information on Cat forklifts, warehouse equipment and related services can be found at www.catlifttruck.com. See them in action via https://www.catlifttruck.com/videos and follow the news on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

EP60-120N(H) Cat Electric Forklifts
The spacious operating compartment of the Cat® EP60-120N(H) is rubber-mounted to minimise vibration and noise
EP60-120N(H) Electric Forklifts
Cat EP60-120N(H) Electric Forklifts
Cat EP60-120N(H) Electric Forklifts