Cat® Reach Trucks – Cold Store Cabin

Our reach trucks have been designed with modern systems and state of the art engineering. Our reach trucks bring you exception levels of productivity and are designed with performance durability and profitability in mind. They offer class-leading residual capacities, high efficiency, super ergonomic and low maintenance needs.
Part of what makes our reach trucks a cut above the rest is the cold store cabin.

Cold store cabin features

  • The reach trucks outwardly curved door profile maximises interior space.
  • The truck offers high visibility through a crash-proof polycarbonate roof window which doubles as an emergency exit.
  • A steel collision guard gives our reach trucks added protection to bodywork and, to the door.
  • A slim beam profile and large glass area give excellent 360-degree visibility.
  • The reach truck benefits from electrically heated windows to prevent misting and condensation.
  • The spacious interior is comfortable for operators and insulated from vibration.
  • The heating system has adjustable blowers and directional nozzles. It pre-heats air from outside by recycling heat from the truck’s control systems.
  • Excellent insulation allows the reach truck cabin to be kept warm energy-efficiently.

Other benefits of our reach trucks include:

  • Undisturbed views of the fork tips
  • Unlimited 360 degree turning with smooth steering which reduces sensitivity as the reach truck’s speed increases
  • The reach truck boasts easy on-off access to a protective cabin with step and grab handle features
  • Rapid and accurate lifting, lowering, tilt and side shift functions
  • Quiet, jerk-free and highly stable performance through electronic damping and the latest mast and reach carriage technology

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