Would you consider switching to a radically different kind of stacker? One whose smarter approach boosts productivity and space efficiency while lowering TCO (total cost of operation)? Cat® Lift Trucks presents its new NSR12-20N2(I) stand-in stacker range

31 May 2022

Higher storage density and faster work

Compared to the more conventional choice of a platform stacker, the NSR12-20N2(I) stand-in concept offers many space-saving and cost-saving advantages. For a start, it enables increased stock density, which means your valuable warehouse space is used more efficiently. With a smaller truck footprint and higher lifting (up to 7 metres), you can make your aisles narrower and your racking taller. By adding the option of extra residual capacity through foldable side stabilisers, you can also stack heavier loads at each height.

More compact and manoeuvrable than platform models, Cat stand-in stackers move faster through narrow aisles – with no stops for folding and unfolding of platforms and sidebars. Advanced drive, lifting, lowering, steering and stability systems make every task quicker and smoother. Operators can work confidently at high speed thanks to a clearer all-round view, an enclosed and protected operator space, and automated safety aids.

Empowered operators

Ergonomic, high-comfort design enhances operator satisfaction, performance and productivity. This is another area in which the designers have extended their long-established world leadership in the highly specialised field of stand-in stacker development. The operator compartment of the latest-generation trucks is vibration-free, comfortable, quiet and very easy to enter and exit. Its controls are ergonomically designed to avoid stress, strain and fatigue, while maximising precision and speeding up each process. They include a fully adjustable steering console, allowing different driving positions to suit the travel direction and the operator. Controls for simultaneous drive and hydraulic functions are mounted on an adjustable armrest.

A more efficient fleet

With all these advantages, operators can do their work in a shorter time – so less labour and fewer trucks are needed. The stand-in stackers’ multi-role versatility further reduces fleet needs. For example, their lifting matches that of many reach trucks, but at a lower cost and in tighter spaces. As well as stacking and retrieving goods, and order picking, they can be used for horizontal transport over both long and short distances.

There are six models to choose from, with nominal capacities of 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0 tonnes. They include initial lift (I) versions at each capacity, giving increased ground clearance for work on ramps and uneven floors. These can also be used to handle two full pallets at once, with one on the load legs and one on the forks. Choices are expanded by an extensive options list.

The trucks are supplied with a choice of lead-acid or fully integrated Li-ion batteries. Li-ion technology enhances performance and allows fast opportunity charging for continuous operation without battery changes. It also increases battery efficiency, runtime and lifespan, while minimising maintenance needs, for an even lower TCO.

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NSR20N2(I) stand-in stacker
NSR20N2(I) stacker