Cat® Lift Trucks quality is now within reach of more users and applications, thanks to the new entry-level EQ line.

22 April 2024

Specified for lighter duties and smaller jobs, these warehouse trucks have everything you need for dependable materials handling. That includes sturdy construction, simple maintenance, energy-efficient features, robust performance, user-friendly design, and safety.

The EQ line covers eight key warehouse product ranges. Each benefits from the productivity, efficiency and long-term cost-saving advantages of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology. Power levels are higher and more consistent; runtimes are longer; no battery maintenance is needed; and lifespan is extended. In addition, opportunity charging can keep the trucks going without battery changes.

EQ line - Power pallet trucks

First up in the EQ line are the mini power pallet trucks, NPP15-20QBL. These are great all-rounders, combining small size with impressive strength and resilience. They can transport loads up to 2.0 tonnes, but they’re compact enough to work anywhere. You can manoeuvre them easily in narrow aisles, containers, goods vehicles and small buildings.

More conventionally shaped pedestrian power pallet trucks are offered with capacities of 1.8 tonnes (NPP18QL) and 2.0 tonnes (NPP20QL). They’re compact and easy to handle, with an ergonomic tiller arm, high-quality forks and a smoothly controlled AC drive motor. Robustly built, they will give many years of trouble-free service.

A 2.0 tonne platform power pallet truck, NPV20QL, builds on the same features and capabilities. Its platform can be easily folded up for pedestrian use in the narrowest spaces. Ride-on mode enables faster travel over longer distances, with less operator fatigue. This versatile model is ideal for vehicle loading and unloading as well as transport.

EQ line - Compact stackers

For exceptional versatility in a small package, the EQ line offers a choice of compact pedestrian stackers. These are even small enough to take into vans and elevators. The 1.2 tonne mono mast version, NSP12QLMI, will stack and retrieve at heights up to 1.95 metres. The 1.2 tonne duplex mast model, NSP12QLDI, extends this to 3.3 metres. You can also use them for short shuttle runs and order picking. They’re a great do-it-all solution for smaller warehouses and supermarkets.

Sit-on tow trucks

The EQ line’s sit-on tow trucks, NTS30-60Q, offer capacities of 3.0 or 6.0 tonnes. They’re great for transporting heavy loads over both rough and smooth surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Their high ground clearance smooths out bumps and gradients. And they’re tough enough to withstand the knocks of a busy workplace. Comfortably seated, the operator stays productive mile after mile.

Mini order picker

One of the most unusual EQ line products is the mini order picker, MNO1.5Q1. It’s not just for order picking: it does the job of a ladder too – but much more safely and efficiently. Automatic aids prevent operation unless the user’s hands and feet are properly in place and the safety gates are closed.

With its stable mast and chassis, you can lift its platform safely to 3 metres. From there, the operator can pick items as high as 5 metres. As well as picking at racking levels 1, 2 and 3, you can use it for inspection and maintenance tasks at height. Changing a light bulb or repairing a ceiling fixture, for example. It will even optionally transport additional loads by towing trailers.

Make your life easier – and save money too with the new EQ Line

For applications needing only occasional use of a lift truck each day, EQ line products are your perfect choice. They bring you all the right qualities to do the job quickly and simply – and make your life easier. And as well as raising your productivity, they lower your overall costs. In particular, they save money through their durability, minimal maintenance needs and low energy consumption.

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NPP15-20QBL mini power pallet trucks
NSP12QLMI compact pedestrian stacker (mono mast)
NSP12QLDI compact pedestrian stacker (duplex mast)
NSP12QLDI compact pedestrian stacker (duplex mast)
MNO1.5Q1 mini order picker
NTS30-60Q tow trucks