1 December 2022

Cat® 48V electric counterbalance forklifts are now more agile and intelligent than ever, thanks to the designers’ continuing improvements. The new EP14-20(C)N2(T) 1.4 to 2.0 tonne range adds important ergonomic and technological advances to an already feature-packed specification.

Tuned to the driver’s needs

Like their predecessors, these models seem to understand and instantly respond to whatever the driver wants them to do. Essential to this is the Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS), which has now evolved into RDS2.

As before, the RDS system’s traction tuning adapts performance rapidly in reaction to the speed of pedal operation. In doing so, it ensures all movements, starts and stops are smooth.

For RDS2, further developments have been made especially in the mast tuning aspects of the system. Adjusting constantly to the driver’s hydraulic control behaviour, RDS2 delivers optimally matched functionality, sensitivity and reaction speed. In other words, it gives the best possible user experience.

Load handling is further perfected by the optional SmoothFlow hydraulic system, which automatically adjusts to load weight. It maintains smoothness, precision and consistency in every mast and fork action, even when two or more hydraulic functions are used simultaneously.

The additions complement existing mast stability measures, like passive sway control, automatic height-related speed adjustments and robust design.

Powerful, precise and confident performance

For reliably powerful performance at every moment, even when heavily loaded, the trucks can now be optionally equipped with PowerBurst. This feature automatically gives a burst of extra torque, if needed, to maintain ramp speed or to accelerate strongly.

Driving and manoeuvring have always been fast, accurate and confident in these trucks. Existing aids include automatic speed-related steering adjustment, advanced curve control and dual drive 4-wheel steering. To these systems, the new models add an electric differential locking option to maximise grip on slippery surfaces.

Comfortably seated in a spacious, quiet operator compartment, drivers enjoy the latest ergonomic controls. They include new options as alternatives to the standard fingertip hydraulic control unit and steering wheel.

Optional dual joysticks separate functions such as clamp opening, to avoid accidental moves. It will appeal to drivers who find fingertip levers too small or who simply prefer joystick control. Another choice is the ergonomically optimised ErgoSense single joystick.

The Palm Steering option is ideal for drivers who are seated for long periods. It allows a very relaxed driving position, with a clearer forward view, and requires minimal effort.

Additional safety light options have been made available for extra confidence. The first is a flashing brake light, activated when the accelerator pedal is released, which warns people of a slowdown. This is replaced by a steady light when the brake pedal is pressed. Others include red lines to highlight an exclusion boundary around the truck. There are also red or blue spots, front and rear, to warn pedestrians of the truck’s approach.

Customers can choose from six 3-wheel and five 4-wheel models. They also have a choice between lead-acid or lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery power. The Li-ion option enhances truck performance and enables fast opportunity charging for continuous operation without battery changes. It reduces lifetime costs through increased efficiency and runtime, minimal maintenance needs and a much longer battery lifespan.

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Cat® 48V electric counterbalance forklifts
Drivers of the Cat® 48V electric counterbalance forklifts enjoy the latest ergonomic controls
Cat EP14-20(C)N2(T) 48V electric counterbalance (3-wheel model)
Cat EP14-20(C)N2(T) 48V electric counterbalance (3-wheel model)
Cat EP16-20A(C)N Compact electric forklift