Are IC engine counterbalance trucks still the best choice for your application? If so, the continuing development of gas, petrol and diesel forklifts by Cat® Lift Trucks is good news.

23 October 2023

Its latest launch specifically meets the needs of the African and Middle Eastern (AME) markets.

The AME region’s upgraded Cat® DP15-35(C)PT / GP15-35(C)PT(H) 1.5 to 3.5 tonne engine powered range is ideal for demanding industrial operations. It builds on its predecessors’ famously durable, dependable and powerful qualities, with fresh advances in efficiency and driver-friendly design.

High efficiency and genuine economy

At the heart of its efficient performance is a choice of power technologies. The new electronically controlled petrol/LPG engines significantly reduce consumption as well as enhancing output. Alternatively, you can go for the industry-proven diesel engines and their reliable strength.

For further fuel savings, an auto stop option switches the engine off after a set period of non-use. This is available on petrol/LPG models and on diesel trucks optionally fitted with electronic control. The same models also offer optional drive speed limitation, which saves fuel and prevents excessive speeding.

Correct use and maintenance of the trucks is aided and encouraged by a clear LCD colour display. It features an enlarged screen – 40% bigger than previously – and conveniently integrated switches. A Bluetooth wireless connection option simplifies programming, diagnostics, servicing and driver identification, via smartphone or laptop. This all helps to keep the truck in good condition, cut downtime and lower the total cost of operation (TCO).

Driver productivity

To get the best out of your drivers, the trucks have been designed for comfort, ergonomics and control. A fully floating powertrain minimises noise and vibration, while features like the adjustable full-suspension seat and easy-to-use controls avoid strain. By reducing fatigue and the risk of stress-related illness, they optimise your drivers’ productivity.

Excellent all-round visibility is possible thanks to the mast, fork carriage and overhead guard design. This, together with fully hydrostatic steering and the truck’s compact shape, makes manoeuvring fast, precise and effortless. Meanwhile, the truck’s low centre of gravity maximises both stability and residual capacity.

Interesting new optional aids include the CrossLever hydraulic control feature. This combines lift, lower and tilt functions into a single mechanical lever for simple and convenient use. Another alternative is a fingertip hydraulic control unit, mounted on an adjustable armrest. Tilt horizontal control and laser fork height pointer options can also be selected for easy, quick and accurate load handling.

To reduce accident and injury risks, the standard specification now includes extra safety features. One of these is the Presence Detection System+. The interlocks and alerts of PDS+ enforce safe use of the seat belt and parking brake. An LED light package, with front indicators and rear combination lamps, is also now standard. Additional lighting is optionally available.

AME - focused products and support

The range contains nine Cat petrol/LPG models and seven Cat diesel models, with a wide choice of engine sizes, chassis types, mast designs and load capacities. They can be tailored precisely to specific applications through option choices. For instance, additional engine protection options can be selected for dusty and/or hot work environments.

In addition to forklifts matched to local conditions and challenges, customers in the Middle East and Africa enjoy strong on-the-ground support. Dealers in the Cat Lift Trucks network are chosen for their commitment, expertise and understanding of customers’ needs in each country.

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Cat® GP/DP15-35(C)PT(H) 1.5 to 3.5 tonne engine powered range
Cat® DP25 engine powered AME
Diesel powered AME forklift
Gas powered GP25 AME lift truck