16 May 2024

Do you need a bigger Cat® forklift? Cat® Lift Trucks introduces 18 to 23 tonne diesel range

Cat® Lift Trucks has added a new range of high-capacity diesel counterbalance forklifts to its line-up. Their launch brings Cat® quality, durability and performance to a variety of heavier applications. The 18, 20 and 23 tonne Cat DP180-230NE models are primarily specified to meet the market needs of Africa, the Middle East and the CIS.

With high strength, lifting speed, traction and gradeability, they can deal with huge loads on difficult sites. Their uses include empty container handling, stevedoring, and movement of heavy construction materials.

Increased productivity and driver satisfaction

An advanced package of engineering, technology and ergonomic design enables rapid and precisely controlled operation. It also gives a satisfying driver experience that further enhances productivity. The turbocharged engine is amongst the strongest, fastest and most efficient in its class. It combines with smooth, responsive, three-speed, automatic powershift transmission for optimum results.

Despite the trucks’ large size, manoeuvring is impressively agile thanks to fully hydrostatic assisted steering and a small turning circle. Time is also saved by electronic forward-reverse direction changes.

A comfortable workspace

The driver enjoys a spacious operating compartment with clear all-round views. As well as full suspension and adjustability, the seat has a swivel function. This is a welcome aid to entering, exiting or turning to look behind. From a comfortably seated position, the truck’s ergonomically arranged, low-effort controls are easy to reach.

Shock-absorbing features minimise vibration and noise. For extra luxury, a floating weatherproof cabin is optionally available. It can be equipped with options including a high-capacity air conditioner, heater and defroster.

Non-stop action and low TCO

Like all Cat diesel forklifts, the DP180-230NE models are built for long life and non-stop action – whatever the conditions. Their structures, systems and components are resistant to damage and wear, and require minimal maintenance. A time-saving central lubrication option uses a manual pump to grease the main components from one point.

Together with high fuel efficiency, these factors reduce the trucks’ total cost of operation (TCO). For dependable, high-strength handling that increases your output and makes sound economic sense, the Cat DP180-230NE range is a great new choice.

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Cat Lift Trucks introduces 18 to 23 tonne diesel range