8 December 2021

Safety in the workplace should always be a priority for Forklift Operators and Warehouse Managers.

However, as winter sets in and we face harsher and wetter operating conditions, materials handling professionals may experience additional safety challenges that must be addressed.

Firstly, consider how operating equipment is being protected. How can you be sure your forklifts will survive winter’s effects? What do you do to enable your forklifts protection from the harsher, cold weather conditions?

You must also consider the safety of your staff. How are you ensuring their safety in challenging conditions? Do they have the right equipment and clothing to operate safely and effectively during the winter months?

And then you must also consider wider warehouse safety. What changes can you make to the warehouse setting in order to improve safety when temperatures drop and surfaces can easily turn wet and icy?

In this helpful infographic, we cover some key points to ensure the safety of your staff and the protection of your warehouse and equipment this winter.

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