4 May 2020

Greater confidence and higher profits are key promises of the new EP-CB 48V 4 wheel electric counterbalance range from Cat® Lift Trucks. Drivers are given everything they need to do their job efficiently, while operating costs are reduced to maximise profitability.

These economical and easy-to-handle forklift trucks, with capacities from 1.0 to 2.5 tonnes, cover everything from light and medium warehouse duties to outdoor tasks – for which IPX4 waterproofing is provided.

Smooth and comfortable

EP-CB forklifts are equipped with a host of ergonomic and safety features which allow drivers to work quickly, comfortably and confidently. A smooth and enjoyable driving experience is assured by refinements like pitching control. This feature minimises shaking of loads when the truck travels over an uneven floor or hits a hump.
Automatic increases in torque maintain steady, fluid movement when climbing slopes or carrying heavy loads. A high-stability design, with a low centre of gravity, gives a further sense of confidence and smoothness in all operations.

Fast but safe

The latest electric hydraulic steering enables fast, precise and safe manoeuvring. A variety of standard and optional safety systems automatically adjust travel, lift and tilt speeds according to the truck’s activities at any moment. When working on inclines, speed can be maintained at a low level using the safety cruise function.
In addition to the standard specification’s selectable performance modes, customised setting options are available to suit each driver’s application, ability and preferences.


High productivity combines with great energy efficiency and robust design to drive down the total cost of ownership and increase profit for the truck user’s business. An ECO performance mode, efficient regenerative braking and an auto power off feature cut energy consumption and extend battery runtime from each charge.
Lifetime costs are lowered by the EP-CB’s high-endurance construction, including a one-piece frame, a cast counterweight and a rear axle built to IC engine forklift standard. A large, easy-to-read LCD display, giving clear information on condition, helps drivers and service engineers to use and maintain the truck optimally.


The EP-CB range adds seven models, including two long-wheelbase variants, to the extensive Cat electric counterbalance line-up. Along with an impressive standard specification, each EP-CB lift truck can be fitted with optional features to match the user’s needs and wishes perfectly.

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