An all-new 4.0 to 5.5 tonne electric counterbalance forklift range from Cat® Lift Trucks makes the strongest case ever for moving from large IC engine trucks to electrics.

Uncompromising in their power and performance, but emitting zero pollution in operation, the six EP40-55(C)N(H) models are designed to maximise every electric advantage. These new electric forklift trucks are more energy-efficient – and quieter by far – than any other in their class.

That efficiency, together with high durability, plug-in diagnostics and easy maintenance, promises a lower total cost of operation (TCO) and higher residual value.

[H2] Features & Benefits of this high-capacity electric forklift range:

  • Ergonomically designed armrest and controls
  • Good all-round visibility from the spacious vibration free operator compartment, including clear view of the mast and fork tips
  • Built for demanding indoor and outdoor applications, these electric forklifts offer uncompromised power and durability
  • A lower total cost of operation and zero emissions means this range of 4-5.5 tonne electric forklift trucks are very energy efficient
  • Agile manoeuvring is aided by a 100-degree rear turning axel which enables instant side turns with no need for initial backward movement
  • Cornering safety is maximised as the electric forklift makes automatic smooth adjustments to its speed and minimises side forces
  • Maximum grip on slippery surfaces due to locking front wheels that increase traction
  • With Power Burst, the truck takes steep ramps easily
  • Smooth Flow optimises mast movements so heavy loads remain steady and controlled while passive sway control ensures load stability all the way
  • You’re in control at all times, aided by the presence pedal, hill hold and automatic park brake

[H2] An electric forklift for every application

Our range of electric forklift trucks consists of a model for every application. From our compact EP14-20A(C)NT models that are perfectly suited to tight indoor spaces, through to our high-capacity EP40-55(C)N(H), there’s a model suitable for everyone.

Take a look at our entire electric forklift range here, or a closer look at our EP40-55(C)N(H) model here.