The EP14-20(C)N2T is the first counterbalance 3-wheel electric forklift truck ever to offer 360° steering.

Benefits of 360° steering

The 360-degree steering feature of this 3-wheel electric forklift trucks range allows the truck to turn 180° and move in the opposite direction in one smooth movement without stopping. That enables the driver to save valuable time and therefore be more productive.

Additionally, with lower G-forces acting on the load whilst turning, higher speeds can also be achieved. This dramatically improves cycle times, saving around 20 minutes per day, which over a year could see up to 66 hours of time saved! Higher turning speeds and lower G-forces means better productivity.

Perfect for efficient materials handling in small, fast-paced environments such as containers, lorries and drive-in racking, these 3-wheel electric forklift trucks with 360° steering rapidly adapt to the driver’s requirements.


Other great features of the EP14-20(C)N2T range

With their compact design, remarkable manoeuvrability and intelligent control systems, these electric forklifts are the automatic choice for materials handling when space is tight.
Built to stand up to harsh, wet, dirty or dusty conditions, this small, efficient forklift truck range possesses a multitude of beneficial features aside from 360° steering, including:

  • Efficient motors with high RPM range
  • Fully electronic magnetic brakes
  • Cat Responsive Drive System (RDS)
  • Variable steering ratio and steering force
  • Dual drive ‘4-wheel steering’ with a +100° rear turning axle
  • Advanced curve control
  • Presence Detection System+

Discover all the features and benefits of the Red Dot award winning EP14-20(C)N2T versatile 4 and 3 wheel electric forklift truck range from Cat Lift Trucks at This dedicated website gives an overview of the forklift range as well as in-depth information on their durability, performance and safety in materials handling, plus videos, images and more.