1 novembre 2023

Daily checks are vital to profitability and safety in businesses using lift trucks.

In a previous post we spelled out the reasons why.

To gain full advantage from daily or pre-shift checks, you need to ‘think before you tick’. Sometimes the daily checklist appears as little more than a list of systems and components. If an item looks OK, the checker gives it a tick. But what signs of a problem should the checker be looking for in each case? What would tell him or her if the item wasn’t OK?

To help answer this, we have a series of five clear, step-by-step, easy-to-follow infographics. They expand the checklist into more specific questions. Please click on the links below or download them all in PDF format:

Download Cat Lift Truck Daily Checks

Additional information on this subject can also be found in the following article: Think before you tick

Cat Lift Truck Daily Checks Summary infographic