NPP15-20QBL mini power pallet trucks
NPP18QL pedestrian power pallet truck
NPV20QL platform power pallet truck

Power pallet trucks

First up in the EQ line are the mini power pallet trucks, NPP15-20QBL. These are great all-rounders, combining small size with impressive strength and resilience. They can transport loads up to 2.0 tonnes, but they’re compact enough to work anywhere. You can manoeuvre them easily in narrow aisles, containers, goods vehicles and small buildings.

More conventionally shaped pedestrian power pallet trucks are offered with capacities of 1.8 tonnes (NPP18QL) and 2.0 tonnes (NPP20QL). They’re compact and easy to handle, with an ergonomic tiller arm, high-quality forks and a smoothly controlled AC drive motor. Robustly built, they will give many years of trouble-free service.

A 2.0 tonne platform power pallet truck, NPV20QL, builds on the same features and capabilities. Its platform can be easily folded up for pedestrian use in the narrowest spaces. Ride-on mode enables faster travel over longer distances, with less operator fatigue. This versatile model is ideal for vehicle loading and unloading as well as transport.