In the latest article from Eureka, the online magazine for the materials handling professional, Gian Schiava looks at how materials handling experts cope with adapting to change without having to compromise.

He explores how they should react but deduces that companies can have considerably better outcomes if they are adaptable.

After touching on the types of change that can occur – through crisis, such an external development to the business that can’t be controlled; and through the results of micro decisions (events happening to the business such as a buy-out), Gian looks at eight key actions that should be undertaken for good crisis management.

He concedes that good crisis management is one of the hardest jobs to pull off successfully but is also just a reaction to an unexpected event. The best possible protection for any materials handling operation is to build in flexibility in order to cope better with a future crisis. There are various areas within your operation that you can focus on and Gian looks at these in detail - staffing, warehouse systems and equipment, as well as your overall organisation.

To read the full, unabridged article in Eureka and find out more about adapting to change and keeping your warehouse operations as flexible as possible, please click here.

Adapting to change
Nurture your staff and give them opportunities to expand their skills
Nurture your staff and give them opportunities to expand their skills