Lange afstanden, zware lasten en intensieve omstandigheden: allemaal geen probleem voor onze trekkers

Deze kleine maar sterke trekkers kunnen snel lasten tot 3,0 of 6,0 ton vervoeren. Ze zijn ook uiterst robuust. De trucks zijn gebouwd om zowel binnen en buiten te presteren, ondanks het horten en stoten op oneffen terreinen.

Toch bieden ze de bestuurder de hele dag alle comfort, kilometer na kilometer.

NTS30-60Q trekkers – stoere lastenvervoerders

  • High-quality, robust construction ensures reliable operation over a long lifetime, with minimal servicing and repair needs.
  • Heavy-duty hood offers strong impact protection and guards against water ingress in light showers.
  • AC controller is sealed to IP65 standard for effective exclusion of water and dust.
  • AC drive motor promises a long service life with low maintenance needs, thanks to elimination of brushes and commutators.
  • Regenerative braking increases battery runtime, by recycling energy, and extends brake component life.
  • Li-ion batteries give maximum lifespan, efficiency and runtime, with no need for water top-ups or other maintenance.
  • Battery heating system optimises efficiency in cold environments, down to 1⁰C.
  • Plug-in diagnostics and troubleshooting require only a laptop, software and a cable – not an expensive hand- held device – to reduce downtime and maintain efficient performance.
  • PIN code access option prevents unauthorised use.

  • AC drive motor and controller enable high-powered, rapid and smoothly controlled operation.
  • Quick-release tow pins simplify and speed up locking and unlocking of tow hook.
  • High ground clearance enables trouble-free travel over bumpy surfaces and ramps, both outdoors and indoors.
  • High-capacity Li-ion battery gives powerful performance and long runtime between charges. (36V/250Ah for 3.0 tonne; 48V/350Ah for 6.0 tonne.)
  • Li-ion technology makes continuous operation possible, without battery changes, using fast opportunity charging during short breaks.
  • External charger is supplied for convenient recharging at a designated station.
  • Sideways battery exchange requires no additional tools or devices and takes just 10 seconds.
  • BDI (battery discharge indicator) and hour meter support optimal timing of battery charging/changing.
  • Non-marking tyre option reduces the need for floor cleaning in fully indoor applications.

  • Partially enclosed cabin (option) shelters driver from light rain.
  • Adjustable steering wheel assures an optimum position for maximum comfort and minimum strain.
  • Electric power steering option enables almost effortless manoeuvrability.
  • Comfortable seat minimises driver tiredness and fatigue in applications involving long distances and shifts.
  • Seat accessory options include A4 paper clip and waste paper bag for tidiness and convenience.
  • Operator presence sensor prevents travel unless the operator is properly seated.
  • Seat belt is fitted as a standard safety feature, with the option of an audible alarm to remind drivers to use it.
  • Electromagnetic brake system option enhances braking performance, giving smooth, steady deceleration.
  • Standard LED lighting includes front and rear work lights plus direction indicators, for see-and-be-seen safety.
  • Blue floor spot, amber strobe light and reversing alarm options alert pedestrians and other truck operators to the truck’s presence.
  • Rear mirrors (optional) aid all-round view. • Li-ion battery chemistry means no risk of hazardous gas or acid leaks.

NTS30Q 3000 - Electric
NTS60Q 6000 - Electric