De NPV20PD truck voor dubbele pallets met opvouwbaar platform bespaart tijd door twee pallets tegelijkertijd (boven elkaar) te vervoeren.

Het model is perfect voor dubbel stapelen op bijvoorbeeld een laadbrug en voor het transporteren van inkomende of uitgaande lasten over korte, middellange of lange afstanden.

Een compacte duplex mast biedt uitstekend voorwaarts zicht en is verkrijgbaar in twee hefhoogtes: 1.6 en 2.0 meter. Elke set vorken kan 1.0 ton dragen, wat een totale lastcapaciteit van 2.0 ton oplevert.

Verdere kenmerken op het gebied van ergonomie en veiligheid omvatten een vijf-punts chassis, met een hydraulisch wrijvingskrachtsysteem en anti-terugrol functionaliteit.

  • Sturdy chassis construction and endurance-tested forks provide enhanced robustness and reliability in even the toughest conditions.
  • Sealed chassis and waterproof electrics resist moisture, dirt and corrosion - increasing uptime, cutting maintenance costs and prolonging truck life.
  • Easy access to critical truck components allows faster fault diagnosis and speedier maintenance, squeezing downtime still further.
  • Dust shielded load wheels help extend life of wheel bearings.

  • AC motor results in very precise drive control, for easier operation.
  • Ergonomic tiller arm helps keep operators fresh with comfortable, easy to use controls.
  • Excellent drive and traction characteristics suit intensive work over medium and long distances.
  • Programmable controller lets users prioritise between faster performance and smoother handling with lower energy consumption, prolonging shift life.
  • Truck can be driven with tiller arm in vertical position in ultra-low-speed mode to maximise manoeuvrability.
  • Folding platform stays down, saving time when operators go to remount (NPV20N2, NPV20PD).
  • Double pallet handling capability halves the number of movements required (NPV20PD).
  • Electric steering wheel with crosswise driving position increases effciency over longer distances

  • Low step height for mounting/dismounting without effort.
  • Strong folding sidebars protect and support operators at all times (standard on NPV20N2, optional on NPV20PD).
  • Large lift/lower buttons (standard on NPV20PD) or levers (optional on NPV20N2) allow easy onehanded control even with gloves.
  • Five-point chassis with hydraulic friction force system and anti-rollback functionality enhances ergonomics and safety (NPV20PD).
  • Fixed platform options with a variety of barrier and entry/exit designs add extra safety

  • Foldable sidebars
  • Single load wheel
  • Li-ion batteries
  • Cold store design, 0C° to -35C°
  • Heavy duty tiller head - with key switch entry
  • Tiller arm - adjustable in length
  • Tiller up drive
  • Power friction traction wheel
  • Non-marking drive wheeel
  • Anti-static drive wheel
  • Pallet entry/exit rollers
  • Driver protected platform rear entry
  • Driver protected platform side entry
  • Power steering
  • Warm environment fan
  • Overhead guard
  • Load backrest low or high
  • Key switch entry
  • 12V DC power socket
  • Equipment bar
  • Writing desk incl. RAM C holder
  • Equipment bar holder RAM system size C
  • Equipment bar holder RAM system size C, 2 pcs
  • Equipment bar holder RAM size D
  • Increased drive speed with/without load 10/12.5 km/h
  • Prepared for frequent battery changeover, (BCO)
  • Special RAL colour

NPV20PD 2000 600 Electric

NPV20PD double pallet handler
Cat electric double pallet truck

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