This new generation of 1.2-2.5 tonne low-level order pickers combines market-leading energy efficiency with advanced performance and ergonomics to maximise productivity and profits in first and second level picking.

Features and benefits of our 1.2-2.5 tonne low-level order pickers

  • This low-level order picker range features a walk-by-side operation which can be controlled via the steering wheel
  • The steering wheel design of these low-level order pickers allows for a sideways driving position and one-handed operation
  • The order picker benefits from easy walk-through access
  • The range also features bevelled fork tips and tandem load wheels
  • The flying start function of this low-level order picker range allows operators to begin acceleration for a walk-beside position
  • The rising platform of the order picker lifts the operator for picking at heights of up to 2.5 metres
  • The order picker has the ability to carry two euro pallets or three roll cages on its scissor-lifting forks
  • Available with a variety of battery options, including li-ion batteries
  • The design allows for simple and quick accessibility of systems and components

Explore our entire range of low-level order pickers

As well as our NO-N2 low-level order picker range, we also have a range of 1 tonne low-level order pickers. These smaller models with different structural design come with a range of benefits including a rising platform of up to 1.8 metres and a battery discharge indicator (BDI) which allows recharging to be planned with minimum disruption to work.

Explore our full range of low-level order pickers here to find the truck that is perfect for your needs.