Mini commissionatore, un modo più sicuro per arrampicarsi e più rapido per prelevare

Una volta provato il nostro mini commissionatore, vi chiederete come avete fatto a farne a meno. Non serve solo per la gestione degli ordini: Può servire anche come scala, ma in modo molto più sicuro ed efficiente. Estremamente compatto e maneggevole, è ideale per attività di commissionamento di media e leggera entità in magazzini, negozi e altri ambienti di vendita al dettaglio.

MNO015Q1, molto più di un carrello commissionatore

  • High-quality, robust construction ensures reliable operation over a long lifetime, with minimal servicing and repair needs.
  • AC drive motor promises a long service life with low maintenance needs, thanks to elimination of brushes and commutators.
  • Regenerative braking increases battery runtime, by recycling energy, and extends brake component life.
  • Li-ion batteries give maximum lifespan, efficiency and runtime, with no need for water top-ups or other maintenance.
  • Plug-in diagnostics and troubleshooting require only a laptop, software and a cable – not an expensive hand- held device – to reduce downtime and maintain efficient performance.
  • Key switch helps avoid unauthorised use.

  • Compact and stable design enables fast, safe performance with great manoeuvrability.
  • Small footprint (750 mm wide) combines with easy steering for tight turns and flexible mobility in narrow aisles.
  • Low height with mast collapsed aids passage through doorways.
  • High lifting ability allows raising of platform up to 3 metres, enabling operator to reach heights up to 5 metres.
  • 24V/100Ah high-capacity Li-ion battery gives powerful performance and long runtime between charges.
  • Li-ion technology makes continuous operation possible, without battery changes, using fast opportunity charging during short breaks.
  • Internal charger allows simple plugging in to any suitable electrical socket, wherever you are.
  • BDI (battery discharge indicator) and hour meter support optimal timing of battery charging/changing.
  • Towing device option adds extra versatility, allowing the truck to transport larger loads on trailers.

  • Low step-in height eases platform entry and exit.
  • Loading tray is positionally adjustable for convenience and has a see-through mesh construction for clear downward visibility and hence safety.
  • Solid mast structure and stable chassis enable safe handling of loads at maximum lift heights.
  • Safety gates prevent operator from falling from the truck.
  • Automatic gate lock prevents lifting and travel if gates are open.
  • Hand sensors ensure operator has both hands in place on the control handles before allowing lifting or travel.
  • Operator presence sensor permits lifting/lowering and travel only if both feet are properly positioned on the platform.
  • Safety harness anchor point can be used for further confidence.
  • Automatic height-related travel speed reduction sets safe limits to ensure stability.
  • Turtle/creep speed switch allows very slow, safe and tight manoeuvring in narrow spaces.
  • Fingertip controls are simple to use and give precise, smooth adjustment of acceleration, lifting/lowering and steering.
  • Emergency stop button and horn are easy to reach from the control handle.
  • Amber safety lights increase truck visibility.
  • Blue floor light option alerts pedestrians and other truck operators to the order picker’s presence.
  • Work light option enhances vision in dark areas.
  • Li-ion battery chemistry means no risk of hazardous gas or acid leaks.

MNO015Q1 150 Electric