Fare tutto con un piccolo stoccatore condotto da terra

Questi stoccatori condotti da terra economici, versatili e poco ingombranti sono l’ideale per le attività leggere in magazzini, supermercati e aree di produzione. Sono anche abbastanza piccoli da poter essere trasportati in furgoni e ascensori. È possibile utilizzarli per applicazioni con brevi navette, per stoccaggi fino a 1.95 metri, per riempire gli scaffali dei negozi e per l'allestimento degli ordini.

I nostri stoccatori condotti da terra compatti mono-montante NSP12QLMI vi offrono versatilità in un piccolo insieme

  • High-quality, robust construction ensures reliable operation over a long lifetime, with minimal servicing and repair needs.
  • Fork wheel pivot points are enclosed and protected within the fork design to avoid wear when operating on ramps.
  • Durable pull rod offers extra structural strength, with high resistance to bending and deforming, for reliable performance and long life.
  • Adjustable balance wheel height extends lifespan of drive wheel.
  • AC drive motor promises a long service life with low maintenance needs, thanks to elimination of brushes and commutators.
  • Sealing of motors reduces risk of damage by dust and water.
  • Li-ion batteries give maximum lifespan, efficiency and runtime, with no need for water top-ups or other maintenance.
  • Battery heating system optimises efficiency in cold environments, down to 1⁰C.
  • Plug-in diagnostics and troubleshooting require only a laptop, software and a cable – not an expensive hand- held device – to reduce downtime and maintain efficient performance.

  • Compact and stable design enables fast, safe performance with great manoeuvrability.
  • Small size – partly due to compact Li-ion battery – combines with efficient steering for a tight turning radius and easy use in narrow aisles.
  • Side castor wheels further enhance stability.
  • Clear-view mono masts give excellent forward vision and are available with maximum lifts up to 1.95 metres.
  • Initial lift raises mast and forks to give increased ground clearance – for better performance on ramps, dock levellers and uneven floors.
  • Double pallet handling design allows lifting and carrying of two loads simultaneously, with one on the support legs and one on the forks.
  • Forks with tapered tips and integral tandem polyurethane wheels enable smooth pallet entry and exit and quiet running.
  • 24V/60Ah high-capacity Li-ion battery gives powerful performance and long runtime between charges.
  • Li-ion technology makes continuous operation possible, without battery changes, using fast opportunity charging during short breaks.
  • Internal charger allows simple plugging in to any suitable electrical socket, wherever you are.
  • External charger is supplied for convenient recharging at a designated station.
  • BDI (battery discharge indicator) and hour meter support optimal timing of battery charging/changing

  • Ergonomic spring-loaded tiller arm provides a comfortable grip and low-effort operation for maximum control with minimal fatigue or strain.
  • Tiller arm’s length keeps the operator at a safe distance, while its offset attachment to the truck body offers the possibility of walking alongside.
  • Multifunctional tiller head conveniently places controls within easy reach.
  • Turtle/creep speed switch allows manoeuvring with tiller arm vertical, for safe movement through narrow spaces.
  • Electromagnetic brake system enhances braking performance.
  • Parking brake is automatically applied when the truck stops on gradients and ramps.
  • Li-ion battery chemistry means no risk of hazardous gas or acid leaks.

NSP12QLMI 1200 600 Electric