Customer review of IC Pneumatic Cat lift trucks - Sold in AME/CIS region

Pneumatic tire forklifts built to maximise productivity

Cat® Lift Trucks range of pneumatic tire forklifts are built to maximise productivity. The 3,000-7,000 LB IC pneumatic forklift trucks are perfect for outdoor applications and are loved by our global client network. The range benefits from:

  • Excellent travel speeds – our pneumatic tire forklifts reach speeds 7.5% faster than other forklifts
  • A fuel save mode with up to 14% improved fuel efficiency when engaged
  • Proven to work hard and move more. These pneumatic tire forklifts can lift 10,400 more loads per year than the competition
  • Premium features come as standard
  • Comfort is at the forefront of the design. Each forklift benefits from a full suspension seat and tilt steering with a memory feature
  • Engine protection – the engine and critical components are monitored, slowing the truck down so it can be serviced before major damage occurs
  • Presence detection system – when activity, audible and visual indicators help remind the operator to buckle their seatbelt and set the parking brake

Here’s what our customers think of the range:

Matthew Valdez, Forklift Operator at Direct Scaffold Company
“The two features that I love about the Cat IC pneumatic forklifts are the speed and power. Speed to get from A to B and power to be able to pick up our heavy mixers.”

Gary Davis, Direct Scaffold Supply

“We found that the Cat pneumatic forklift trucks have a lot of extras that other machines either charge extra for or don’t offer at all. My guys love it. They say their backs don’t bother them, they have more leg room and aren’t cramping up. They don’t get fatigue. They can work better, work harder and work longer.”

Mick Shepard, Forklift Operator at Hughes Brothers

“It doesn’t shatter my spine like a lot of them do. A lot of them are so rigid that it hurts just to hit bumps; and we hit plenty of bumps so I find it more comfortable.”

Matt Stryson, Maintenance Supervisor at Hughes Brothers

“We’re a repeat customer. We’re super happy with what we have. We got to trade in the old equipment, we get top dollar value. I hold together, we don’t have to worry about the reliability.”

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