Cat Lift Trucks - Multiway Reach Truck

NRM20N2 and NRM25N2 Multi Directional Forklifts

The NRM20N2 and NRM25N2 series of warehouse reach trucks are perfect for those who require agile and flexible solutions for more complex applications.
Cat Lift Trucks multi directional forklifts offer a host of benefits which allow all of your operations to be completed smoothly – and with ease.
Features of the NRM20N1 and NRM25N2 multi directional forklifts include:

  • Sideways movement
  • Rotational abilities
  • Diagonal movement
  • Agile cornering
  • Forward-backward movements
  • Automatic transitions

Sideways Movement

Cat’s series of multi way warehouse reach trucks allows for lateral (sideways) movements. This means the drive and load wheels point sideways to allow for smooth sideways journeys. When operating in this capacity, steering is done by the load wheels.

Rotational Movement

Our warehouse reach truck’s rotational feature means you can change the direction the equipment faces seamlessly and smoothly. Now your direction can be changed in one smooth action.

Diagonal Movement

This multi directional forklift also allows for parallel travelling due to wheels which all sit at the same angle and point in the same direction. This also makes it possible to make manoeuvres without having to change the facing direction. It’s possible to change to this mode without stopping the truck completely.

Agile Cornering

This series of warehouse reach trucks allows for agile cornering. The means machinery can be safely moved around tight corners and bends without having to move back and forth. All wheels are steered which reduces the turning radius and improves agility.

Automatic Transitions

This series of multi-way reach trucks also allows for automatic transition between lateral and forward/backward motions. The change can be made using one button, without having to stop the truck. It works in both standard and lateral modes.

Standard Travel

While this series of multi directional forklift trucks has unique capacities to allow for agile and flexible movement, the multi way reach trucks also work in standard travel mode.
If standard travel is all you are looking for, please see our standard range of reach trucks here.

Other features of this series of reach trucks include:
  • S4 mast handling system
  • Fork positioner with wide spread fork
  • Front wheels rotate within the outer dimensions of the truck
  • Easy access cabin

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