Штабелеры Cat® NVT с поворотными вилами и подъемной кабиной man-up являются отличным решением для штабелирования и подбора заказов в очень узких проходах (VNA) и на высоких стеллажах.

Каждый из них полностью адаптирован для точного соответствия вашему складскому пространству и потребностям ваших грузов и операторов. Превосходная эргономика и комфорт делают работу приятной, а высокая производительность и низкие эксплуатационные расходы увеличивают прибыль.

Имеются пять базовых моделей с грузоподъемностью от 1,1 до 1,5 тонны: NVT11, NVT12, NVT13, NVT14 и NVT15. Две дополнительные модели могут быть запрошены отдельно: NVT20 для тяжелых грузов (до 2,0 тонн) и NVT15XL для подъема на большую высоту (до 19 метров).

Список опций очень широкий: от роликовых направляющих, рельс или индуктивного провода, системы взвешивания, позиционирования по высоте и контроля скорости, до обогрева кабины, вентиляторов и комбинаций окон. Ваш дилер погрузчиков Cat может предоставить вам полную информацию.

Более низкая стоимость

  • Low-weight design reduces energy consumption and wear, as well as enhancing performance.
  • Separate proportional valve regulates cabin lowering speed more efficiently, for longer battery runtime, and extends component life.
  • Low centre of gravity and lightweight construction avoid need for load wheel brakes, which would require regular adjustment, servicing, and replacement of worn parts.
  • Adjustable load wheel height allows easy compensation for differences in wear between wheels or if one wheel is damaged, so no need to replace as pairs.
  • Lubrication points improve performance and longevity of all cabin and mast bearings.
  • Large spacing between auxiliary lifting mast bearings reduces deflection, lowers bearing stresses and increases durability.
  • Large, closed wheel arches combine with guide rollers to protect load wheels from damage.
  • Steering chain is adjustable, less sensitive to dirt and much more wear-resistant than the spur gear alternative.
  • Strong steel doors enclose motor compartment, protect internal components – including electronic controls – and open to give easy, uncluttered access for servicing.
  • Rapid fault analysis is possible via LED displays, PC connection or, remotely, through GSM mobile communication, to simplify and speed up repairs and maintenance.
  • Long replacement intervals cut time and material costs for items like mast chains and hydraulic oil.
  • Battery change is quick and easy using a counterbalance lift truck
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  • Flexible choice of cabin and chassis dimensions – in small increments – allows perfect fit with different aisles, applications and batteries.
  • Latest AC drive technology generates fast lifting speeds for forks, masts and cabins, with low energy losses.
  • Advanced mast design uses FEM (finite element method) to optimise stability, weight and performance.
  • Duplex mast choices for all lift heights mean faster and more stable performance, lower energy consumption, less maintenance and shorter truck length than with triplex.
  • Triplex mast options include versions without full free lift, for higher speed and lower maintenance.
  • Fork range includes mast swivel and telescopic types suited to different specific applications.
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  • Mast-to-chassis struts increase mast rigidity, while low centre of gravity maximises overall truck stability.
  • Clear all-round views are aided by excellent through-mast visibility, angled motor compartment and rounded chassis.
  • Optional tilting side gates open with a flip of the upper bar for easy order picking.
  • Thin front wall allows easy reach to place picked items into container or onto pallet.
  • Spacious and secure cabin features carpeted walls, thickly cushioned floor, high-comfort seat (with weight adjustment) and inbuilt document and equipment holders as standard.
  • Wide range of seating options and accessories includes folding version for choice of standing or sitting operation, with pneumatic spring mechanism for easy switching of console between positions.
  • Choice of operator console styles and layouts is matched to different needs and preferences, enabling easy reach and use of controls (and clear display screen) in all cases
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  • Special paint, change of one colour (Standard RAL)
  • Extended or shortened chassis
  • Twin/dual load wheels, minimum chassis width 1450 mm
  • NVT14 with NVT15 chassis, battery up to 5 PzS 700/775 Ah
  • NVT15 with chassis for battery 6 PzS 840/930 Ah, special drive wheel
  • Rail guidance for standard profile, minimum 80 mm profile height
  • Rail guidance, minimum 38 mm profile height
  • Side guide rollers antistatic
  • Additional side guide roller in the centre of truck (3 rollers on each side)
  • Inductive wire guidance 6.25 kHz +/- 30 Hz, 78 mA
  • Line driver for max 1200 m wire, 6.25 kHz

For the full list of options please see the Spec Sheet.

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